Your Essential Guide To Finding Free And Reliable Wi-Fi When Travelling

No Need To Be Offline Too Long When Travelling

We all like to keep connected while we’re away travelling, but with some places charging exorbitant rates for glitchy, unreliable wi-fi access it can be a struggle to keep in touch with friends, family and make everyone back at home green with envy at your latest social media post.

If you’re in the know though, there are several ways that you can find free and reliable wi-fi when you’re away. Here are our top tips for getting some free wi-fi without blowing your budget in internet cafes. In order to capitalise on these tips fully, some leg work up front may be required! Plot your route map with the below and you’ll be able to “drop by” for an online fix anytime!

Head To The Local Library

No matter where you are in the world, the vast majority of local libraries offer free wi-fi which is usually pretty fast and reliable.

Make a note of where the libraries are located at your destination before you travel and pop over to check your emails and upload your latest travel blog.

Chain Restaurants

Now we know that you don’t go travelling to spend your time in a well-known golden arched fast food restaurant, but we have to admit that they do have pretty good wi-fi.

Ideal for a quick social media update, grab yourself a cheap cup of hot java and you can post away to your heart’s content!

Town Halls And Events Centres

A lot of town halls and big conference facilities throughout Europe and further afield offer free wi-fi, but the best bit is that normally the connection is so good that you won’t have to enter the building to pick up the wi-fi!

See if you can spot a nearby bench and if you can see a few other travellers getting busy on their iPads, then there’s a pretty good chance that there’s free wi-fi available.

Airports And Lounges

Here’s a really hot tip for those of us jetting off but don’t want to pay for wi-fi. There’s a pretty nifty offline app available for iPhone and Android that gives you a great interactive map plus all the wi-fi passwords for airports and airport lounges all over the world.

And at just under $2 (around £1.50), it’s well worth the cost if you travel by plane on a regular basis.

Check it out here and don’t forget to download it to your device before you go.

Wi-fi On The Move

If you find yourself out and about but suddenly remember that you need to send Aunt Maude an email for her birthday, then there’s an app that can help you track down the nearest free wi-fi points without having to go online.

WiFiFinder helps you find fast and free wi-fi worldwide and regularly updates its hotspots so you can be sure that the connections are current and still working, unlike several other apps that don’t update as often.

Available for all iOS devices, the interactive map is a great tool for travellers and won’t cost you a penny – ideal for the traveller that would much rather spend their hard-earned cash on experiences rather than wi-fi!