Why You Should Say Goodbye To Social Media When You Travel

If you’re off on your latest adventure, it might feel like the most natural thing in the world to upload your latest photos to Instagram or log on to Facebook to check out what friends and family back home are up to.

But what if you were missing out by using social media while you’re away? Here’s just a few reasons why you should try and curb your social media usage the next time you head off to explore a far-flung land.

Missing Out On The Here & Now

If you’re a frequent social media user, you could be missing out on the sights and sounds around you when you’ve constantly got your smartphone in your hand. For some more quality “posters” where quality of your posts matters, having to pay attention to how you pose and what’s in the background, editing before posting etc. All these distract you from actually living and enjoying the moment. It is not uncommon for many to look back at their posts to see how much more enjoyable the posts looks compared to the reality of being there and the, and we wonder why. Being mindful during your travels means taking the time to digest your surroundings rather than finding the perfect angle for a photo and text for your posts.

Social media is highly engaging and it’s easy to get sucked in, so leave your phone back at your hotel and just take your camera so you can capture those amazing moments.

Take The Opportunity To Wean Yourself Off “Likes”

There is no more immediate a feedback than from social media. We have all become addicted to immediate reactions of likes, loves, wows and all sorts of emojis and get a sense of approval and praise each time we get one. We have become so busy getting feedback and opinions from others that we forget to take the time to ask ourselves the same thing.

Our travel experiences have significance even if no else sees your photos or posts. So, give it a try and be without social media on your next holiday. You might find yourself enjoying the trip more and “needing” social media less when you back back.

Social Media Expectations

In order to get approval and keep people interested, we get a bit of pressure to do more exciting things on our travels, which we would not consider ordinarily. Some may risk their safety to get that perfect shot on a cliff’s edge, others may eat bull’s testicle and drink snake blood when they would not even consider eating sushi normally. Or, we may ditch our own principles and value to take photos with a mal-treated dancing bear or a pet ape as it is an attention grabber on Instagram.

Fight the urge, as traveling without social media forces you to focus on why you travel what you choose to do when travelling.

Holiday Envy

On social media, we all try to present the very best takes on our lives and this edited version of reality is what everyone sees. A Groupon study shows that while photos could seem harmless enough, many feel increased stress levels while looking at the vacation photos of their friends on social media.

Posting holiday snaps on social media is a favourite pastime for many travellers, but it can result in annoying ‘holiday envy’ where others feel the need to be negative about your accommodation, clothing, experiences or just about anything!

Although this is clearly caused by jealousy, it can spoil your time away a little, better to share your photos with friends and family members through Whatsapp or via email.

Home Insurance

Have you heard that you could be voiding your home insurance if you post updates on your social media platforms that show the world that you’re away from home for an extended period?

One couple who shared plenty of holiday selfies had their home targeted by thieves who found out they were away by finding their Facebook profile and working out their address. Once they returned home and made a claim on their home insurance, they were knocked back as the company were well within their rights to void the claim as they’d ‘advertised’ the fact they were on holiday.