Why No Wheels Travel Bags and Luggage?


Luggage is not an exact science and there’s no one correct answer. Different type of trips and journeys will warrant different kinds of bags. But here, we will not be delving into the debate but will just be looking at some of the benefits of no-wheels travel bags and luggage.

Traveling with luggage and bags with no wheels are most suitable when traveling by car and when one does not expect to be trekking around with the bag too much, other then getting from A to B from and around airports or any other ports of travel. With less is more in mind and no waffling on; here is a list of advantages of traveling with no wheels travel luggage. For benefits of traveling with just one bag or just a carry on, read our blog on the subject

  • With the correct no-wheel bag, you can haul it around as holdall or shoulder bag and you can wear it as a backpack when you get tired
  • Stay off the airlines’ radar. Wheeled luggage is the first target when the gate attendant starts hunting for bags to check-in.
  • When you have to navigate where there are lots of stairs and no elevators and/or rough terrains e.g. dirt or wet/muddy roads or cobblestone streets?
  • Leaves both hands free at all times
  • The lack of built-in wheels and retractable handles and usually more pliable material give way to more space, which allows more packing.
  • The squash-ability of some no-wheels bags, means better chances of them fitting under the seat. Very much needed on full flights when all overhead compartments are taken.
  • No-wheels bags are easier to maneuver, especially into tight spaces like a toilet stall.

All of the above are legitimate arguments for using a backpack or a holdall, or a hybrid like JamPac® but the ultimate benefit, believe it or not is…building strength and staying young. Curious? Read all about it here!