Where’s The Safest Spot For My Essential Travel Documents?

From passports and visas to accommodation details, travel documents are part and parcel of any foreign getaway.

These essential items are important, so you’ll need to keep them close at hand, but where is the safest spot to stow them during your journey and once you arrive?

Here are our top tips for keeping your travel documents safe while also ensuring that you always know where to find them when you’re in transit.

Body Contact

If the items are really important, direct contact with the boy is best but if not possible the closer to the body, the safer. Whether it is checking out the magazines at WH Smiths, washing your hands after or checking in at the gate, periods of separation with your invaluables may be brief, they do add up and presents a bigger statistical chance of losing or forgetting them. The lean team are huge advocates of bum bags, money belts and even document pouches around the neck.

Within Reaching Distance

You’ll often find that it’s the person with the handbag that ends up in charge of the travel documents and other important paperwork on any holiday, and although this makes sense, it can be quite stressful for the one taking all of the responsibility.

To make things a little easier, use visual management to assist in this situation. Choose a brightly coloured plastic wallet with some type of fastening to keep everyone’s documentation together. Not only does this make it easier to find in your bag, but you can also add separate coloured internal tabs or plastic envelopes within the wallet, so you don’t end up giving someone the wrong visa or passport.

Are Safes Really Safe?

Identify theft is rife, and passports can fetch a pretty penny on the black market, so as soon as you arrive check your hotel room safe to see if there are any signs that it might have been tampered with in the past. Look for scratches around the locking mechanism, dents or other signs that someone could have tried to force entry. If they’re present, look for an alternative place to stash your travel documents and other valuables.

Thieves know that you’ll probably use the internal zipped compartments in your suitcase to hide anything of value if it’s not in a safe, so instead hide them openly and ingeniously in your HangPac, between the out cover and detachable insides. This way, it will also stay protected from water and steam as well as misleading any would be thieves.

Cloud Them

As a back-up should the worst-case scenario occur, it’s a great idea to scan in all travel and important medical documents for each member of your group and send them to the cloud. This way, even if you’ve lost your mobile, you can still access the documents by going to an internet café, safeguarding access to essential information such as your passport number and insurance policy when trying to get them replaced abroad. It is advisable to get hardcopies, front and back, of your credit cards

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