Want To Pack A Lot For A Weekend Break? Here’s How!


Packing for a weekend break should be a quick and simple affair, but you’d be surprised at just how many people stuff their travel bags to the brim and return home without using half of the items they struggled to cram into their luggage in the first place.

If this sounds all too familiar, take our advice when packing for a weekend break and travel lean!

Importance Of “The” Carry-On Bag

Those who love wheels will automatically go for the common standard wheelie cabin bag but those with no such preference can consider backpacks or duffle bags. At LeanPac®, naturally bias, we are huge proponents of our hybrid backpack cum duffle and shoulder bag JamPac®. Check out the benefits of the no wheels option to see if it suits you. The lean team understand the hype about travelling light, but not all of us are super-packers or want to travel light.

A weekend break usually mean packing in as much activities as possible in the couple of days available, which in turn means packing to fulfil many different needs. Hence packing smart and/or having a big enough bag is important. The JamPac® is soft bodied and have a 5cm hidden gusset (size expansion) to enable you to fit in more but at the same time allow you to squeeze into any airline size-check crates, with a smug smile on your face. JamPac® or not, a large soft bodied travel bag is recommended.

Check The Weather

Even if we get to bring all we need, there is no excuse not to do some planning ahead. It’s always a good idea to take a peek at the weather forecast before you set off on your weekend break. Changeable weather can mean you’ll need to think about packing an umbrella or jacket, but instead of taking up valuable suitcase space consider a thin, lightweight jacket and take items that you can layer underneath and wear separately to avoid unnecessary space utilisation.

Pack By Activity

You’ve probably got a long list of things you want to do or places you want to visit during your weekend away, so to pack smart take into account the type of clothing footwear, accessories and “equipment” you’ll need for each activity.

Plan ahead and consider each day’s activity and go as far as plan what restaurants and bar you want to try out. This will allow you to plan what to wear am and pm each day taking into consideration baggage space you have. Our luxurious medium sized OrgPac (MOrg) organiser is large enough to contain a week’s worth of clothes, has zippers both at the top and bottom allowing access to your day 1 and day 2 clothes separately from both ends. Our slim OrgPac (SOrg) is slim and long, particularly good for smaller clothing items and why not the hair curler?

Unisex And Dual-Use Toiletries & Appliances

If you’re planning a romantic break, but don’t want to be lugging huge bags around or paying ridiculous fees for having to check a bag into the hold on a flight, then save some valuable space and weight by opting for unisex toiletries that you can share with your partner.

If travelling alone, dual-use products are especially handy for short breaks. Shampoo/body wash, lipstick/blusher, face cream/shaving cream, hair straightener/curler are some examples.

Grab our ginormous HangPac, hybrid toiletry cum overnight bag, to fit all of your toiletries, chargers and anything else that’s essential for your two-day getaway to keep everything together and easy to find once you arrive at your destination.