Two Rookie Packing Errors That Could Spoil Your Holiday

Modular Packing & Thoughtful Carry-On Bag Content For A Successful Holiday

Packing should be simple and straightforward before you jet off on holiday, but you’d be surprised at the number of people that have their breaks ruined by making these four rookie packing errors.

Take a look at the list below to make sure that you don’t fall victim to these common packing problems that could potentially spoil your holiday.

Not Adopting Modular Packing

From the check-in counter to baggage claim on the other side, the rough scuffle within your check-in bag and even inside your toiletry bag may result in punctured plastic containers, broken bottles or damaged electricals.

Toiletries Explosions

If you’ve ever opened up your case to discover that your shampoo or shower gel has burst open and covered your entire holiday wardrobe, then you’ll understand just how problematic this can be when you don’t have easy access to a washing machine on holiday.

You do not want to find your lovely but now ruined silk top slathered in expensive face cream, a classic double whammy. Whether it’s too loosely or tightly packed, leaking toiletries can also damage cameras and other electric equipment. To err on the side of caution, use a piece of cling film inside lids or caps to prevent seepages. Adopt modular packaging to quarantine and keep different packings apart. Use a leak proof toiletry bag, like our HangPac to contain leakages before stopping it inside our modular packing system, LeanPac®combination bundle to separate liquids from other items and keep your clothing and cameras safe and shampoo free.

Damaged Electricals

Even if you pack all of your electrical equipment tightly, it can still have a rough time in your suitcase. From loading and unloading at airports to not-so-kind handling, your electrical items can meet you at your destination in less than perfect condition.

If your electrical items are essential for your trip or expensive, then it’s always best to keep them cushioned in one of our OrgPac organiser cubes. They are large enough to house a week’s clothing and still have space to squeeze in a curler AND a straightener!
Not Giving More Thought To Your Hand Luggage Contents


Every year, thousands of complaints are made to airlines all over the world about missing valuables. A good rule of thumb is that if your valuables mean that much to you either put them in your carry-on luggage or leave them at home as it’s not worth the risk of losing them when you head off on holiday.

A HUGE add-on to this point, note that when we say valuables we literarily mean anything that is of ANY value to you and not just monetary. The lean team write this with good experience. One silly, but a very good example includes lens liquid. Extra lenses were packed in the large toiletry bag inside the check-in luggage. With lost luggage and the only pair of lenses in our eyes plus no lens liquid to hand, we had to sleep with our lenses on until we could get to the opticians.

Some other experience of good examples of valuable include non-critical but important medication like the pill, which have to be taken DAILY or Otrivine Sinus Relief, which is THE only brand that works!

A Change of Clothes

Missing suitcases are common, so imagine arriving at your destination and discovering that your suitcase has disappeared. In these situations, you’ll have wished that you’d at least had a change of clothing in your hand luggage. Getting into the habit of putting few items in your carry on, along with any necessary medication, means you’ll always have something to wear while you wait for your suitcase to arrive.

You can also share suitcase space with other people in your group so if anyone’s suitcase does goes missing, they’ll have a few essential items to keep them going from another bag.