Travelling Germaphobes or Not – 3 Invaluable Products You Cannot Be Without


There is some form of a germaphobe, in most of us. Majority of us fall in the middle, ranging between “germ, schmerm – not worried” and “jeepers creepers – germaphoooobia!”. Mild germaphobes worry about germs but not enough to let it get in the way of life. While we don’t go overboard, we do have the tendency to take steps to avoid getting ill. A lot of us, mild permaphobes, tend to be selective germaphobes. Many of us are not too worried about our own germs but extra particular in public areas (restrooms, transport, airplanes) and touching public things (door handles, seats, cash machines).

Here are a three key products that can come in handy, on your travels, whether you are a full fledge or mild germophobe.

Portable Sanitising Wand

The portable sanitizer is a hand-held unit housing a powerful UV-C light that will kill 99.9% viruses, bacteria and mould, as well as dust mites, bed bugs, fleas and their eggs with simply passing the wand over any surfaces.

This is very handy and in urgent need on airplanes and hotels during travels. Achieve ease of mind from the start by waving the hand unit over all areas around your allocated flight seat including the tray table (the most bacteria-ridden spot on a plane, with over 2,000 colony-forming units (CFUs) of bacteria per square inch) and armrests. Feel free to bring the unit along with you to the airplane toilet.

Inaugurate your stay, may it be a hotel room or a 3 bedroom rented accommodation by waving the hand held unit all over light switches, door handles, beddings, sofa and carpets just to know that whatever germs generated from then on will be your own!

Wearable Air Purifier

The perfect travel companion for travelling in public spaces, especially in confined spaces of an airplane, public transport or elevators.

Wear it around your neck and take your clean air with you wherever you go. It improves your air quality whilst on the go especially useful in public spaces.

Dependent on brands, they claim 99.9% removal of airborne allergens, traffic pollutants, viruses and bacteria. This may be a good solution for those with pollen and dust allergies.

Food (Meat) Sniffing Device

There are currently a few portable food-sniffing devices in the market that can detect harmful bacteria in meat and poultry. They say they’re mainly for “uncooked” meats, but why wouldn’t it work for undercooked foods as well?

Love street food, but have a delicate tummy? Try “sniffing” the raw meat they use to establish freshness or make sure to “sniff” the finished dishes to ensure they are fully cooked.

The device “sniffs” uncooked or undercooked meat to determine if it’s fresh or not. Air samples are taken to detect the presence of bacteria when you hold the device above the meat or poultry. Press the button, and wait 30 seconds. Green means the meat is fresh; “yellow” means still edible, while “red” indicates steer clear!