Travel Training Made Easy – 10mins!


At LeanPac®, we believe in lean mind AND lean body. There is no excuse not to keep fit during your travels. On the contrary, it is during our travels that we need to pay more attention to food and fitness. Here’s a list of body weight exercises compiled by the lean team, so you don’t have to. To prevent procrastination and induce the “just do it” spirit, spell a name/country/food etc. Take the first 5 alphabets; do the prescribed exercises, 15 reps x 3 sets (more or less according to fitness levels). Have little or no rest in between sets. 30 – 60 seconds between sets. Quality over quantity, hence slow and in good form is recommended. This shouldn’t take more than 10 mins!A. Squats

B. Squat jumps

C. Plie (sumo) squats

D. Single leg squats

E. Lunges

F. Side lunge

G. Forward lunge

H. Backward lunge

I. Curtsy Lunge

J. Single Leg Deadlift

K. Donkey Kick

L. Lying down hip raises

M. Triceps Dip

N. Arm Circles

O. Push-ups

P. Any variation planks

Q. Side raise

R. L Seat

S. Flutter kick

T. Crunches

U. Sit ups

V. V-ups

W. Lying leg lifts

X. Burpees

Y. Jumping jacks

Z. Mountain climbers

15 repetitions* each exercise x 3 sets e.g.:

S – Flutter kick

P – Any variation plank

A – Squats

I – Curtsy Lunge

N – Arm Circles

*each limb where applicable


Z. Mountain climbers