Travel Toiletries Do’s And Don’t’s

Savvy Toiletries Packing Tips Contrary To Most

Getting your packing list ready for your next big adventure is sure to have you considering which toiletries you’ll need during your break and how much you’ll need to take without adding too much extra weight or using up too much valuable space in your suitcase.

As seasoned travellers ourselves, we’ve compiled this list of travel toiletries do’s and don’ts to help you ensure that you take what you need without having to lug your entire bathroom cabinet around.

Why Leave Essentials At Home?

You might have a favourite conditioner or face cream that you use daily at home, which many will consider leaving behind for a “substitute” buy when you get to your destination. Why? Why sacrifice quality of life when you’ve saved and waited for this moment for some time now?

For liquids and replenish-ables, invest in a good set of containers and adopt the reuse approach and not the unsustainable throwaway mentality, especially when plastics and wastes are huge burgeoning global issues.

Take stock of the few key essentials and research “fit for purpose” containers to bring with you. Consider buying individual containers rather than a set where you may use only one or two. Think about size, shapes, top types (pump, screw top), material (squeezability) etc.

These essentials and toiletries, in general, should preferably be packed in a hand luggage , mitigating lost luggage problems. For bigger quantity requirements, use a few smaller containers rather than one large one.

Do Consider Dual-Use And Unisex Toiletries

If you’re travelling with a partner or as part of a group, get toiletries savvy and share the load with some of your travel companions by taking one essential item each, such as a unisex shower gel or shampoo.

Not only will this ensure that you use up most of a full-sized item, which by volume always work out far cheaper than a travel sized one, but you’ll free up some serious room in your suitcase.

If travelling alone, dual-use products are especially handy for short breaks. Shampoo/body wash, lipstick/blusher, face cream/shaving cream, hair straightener/curler are some examples.

Grab our huge HangPac, hybrid toiletry cum overnight bag, to fit all of your toiletries, chargers and anything else that’s essential for your week’s getaway to keep everything together and easy to find once you arrive at your destination.

Pack Your Toiletries Properly And Pack Portions

Regardless of what sized toiletries you take away with you, your holiday can get off to a bad start if you’ve failed to pack them properly and they subsequently spilt or leak during transit. Wrapping toiletries up in a plastic carrier bag doesn’t give much protection to the rest of the items in your case, so opt for LeanPac®combination bundle to help protect your belongings against rogue liquids and streamline your packing.

As suggested use “fit for purpose” containers or use a piece of cling film inside lids or caps to prevent seepages. Adopt modular packaging to quarantine and keep different packings apart. Use a leak proof modular toiletry bag like HangPac to contain leakages to separate liquids from other items and keep your clothing and electronics safe and shampoo free.

Why bring a whole bottle of multivitamins when you need 1 a day for a week? Why bring a whole roll of floss when you can cut 7 lengths for 7 nights? Portion whatever you can and use only whatever you need…ok, go ahead, bring a few more for “just-in-cases”.

Make Full Use Of Your Hand Luggage Allowances

Most airlines give you 100ml of liquids as part of your hand luggage allowance, so make the most of this allowance and bring toiletries in your hand luggage with you. Decant all necessary liquids to travel size containers e.g. perfumes, toothpaste, face cream, shampoo, washing detergent. You are usually allowed 1 litre’s worth of ≤100ml containers a 20cm x 20cm plastic bag can carry, but do check with the relevant airline and airports.