Travel Planning – Decision Matrix To Help You Make Choices

Cannot Decide Which Hotel/Tour/Restaurants To Choose? Download & Try Our Decision Matrix

We at LeanPac® are very big on methodology, tools and techniques. We apply the lean thinking philosophy in our daily lives to maximise quality time in order to best enjoy life. This is one example of a prioritisation tool we created to help us make decisions in planning for our travels.

It is not uncommon to be plagued by indecision when planning holidays or activities. This can be worse if there are too many cooks! Our prioritization template allows you to personalise the matrix and use it to make decisions for a multitude of areas. The benefit of this tool is that you can use it again and again, no need to reinvent the wheel!

Some examples areas the lean team have used the matrix to help plan and make decisions include:

  • Which accommodation gives the best value?
  • Which package tour to take?
  • Which activities to prioritise?
  • Which restaurants to line up for the trip?
  • Which cities to visit?

This matrix can be populated by lone decision makers or as a group. Just agree on criteria and rating system and away you go! It helps give some objectivity, but in the end, after going through the thought process of the exercise, you’ll know which to choose regardless of the ranking.

Example criteria and rating system (5 – 1, with 5 being best) for choosing accommodations:

Example using, same as above, criteria to choose tour packages:

Get the Decision Matrix excel template here! Happy Planning!