Travel Lean & Light – Footwear

Packing Footwear For Traveling – A Neglected Subject.

Should comfort always come before fashion? Yes, it should but not all of us are that sensible all of the time! Here are some tips in trying to achieve the best of both worlds, the best we can.

  • Pack footwear that can be worn with multiple outfits
  • Bring max, 3 pairs of shoes for longer trips. Prioritise!
  • If you have to bring “impractical” shoes, make sure you break them in first (wear them even at home) and know the threshold by taking note of how long you can last in them before they start being uncomfortable. Plan B, note problem areas & bring contingency solutions.
  • Invest in at least 1 pair of quality socks to prevent blisters, odour and to stay comfortable for longer
  • Consider occasions instead of shoe types as e.g. a good pair of “broken-in” 3 inch wedges, can be used for all day urban trekking and look smashing with a smart dress or pants suit for dinner. Occasions to consider include:
    • Casual shorts, beach, wet situations
    • Activities driven e.g. walking/trekking/working-out
    • More formal/dress occasions
  • Consider dual-purpose shoes e.g.
    • Casual business shoes with athletic shoes cushioning and stability features for long distance walking and trekking
    • Broken in, comfy enough to walk good distance dress “heels”
    • Ergonomic strap sandals that function as flip-flops and walking shoes
  • Naturally, save space and weight allowance by wearing the bulkiest shoes you are bringing to the airport, but better the weight than being uncomfortable during the trip
  • There is always space for a pair of “hotel slippers”. This is invaluable for indoor use, keeping your feet clean and protection from cold floors
  • Invest in a pack of quality gel plasters, they are heavenly pain relievers and can save the trip if prevention turns into the need for a “cure”