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Top Tips to Staying Healthy When Travelling

Travelling is great fun, it helps us to experience new places, cultures and ways of living that we wouldn’t otherwise get to see or be a part of if we’d stayed at home sat in front of the TV.

Staying healthy while traveling is vital especially when one tend to fall ill as soon as you stop work and embark upon a holiday. That’s called “leisure sickness”, according to Professor Ad Vingerhoets of Tilbury University in the Netherlands. Your immune system kicks into overdrive, due to work overload just before a vacation, and relaxes once on vacation.

So, make sure you plan well and transition your work mode into vacation mode seamlessly plus here’s some of our top tips for travelling healthy and keeping up the energy required in order to get the most out of the holidays the next time you head off on an adventure.

Keeping Active

When we’re away we tend to do a little more walking than we would usually do, but this doesn’t necessarily make up for all those tasty little delights we’re sure to sample on our travels.

Try and keep as active as possible by hiring a bike instead of a taxi or tuk-tuk and maybe take part in some sunrise beach yoga to give yourself a full wellness workout in a stunning setting.

For those who are worried about missing their usual weight training routines, pack a resistance band in your JamPac® backpack holdall and try out a few simple moves each morning to give those muscles a little workout – even if you don’t have much space available in your travel accommodation.

Eat Well & Drink Enough

Most of us will use being on holiday, as an excuse to eat whatever and however much we want, but it’s essential that we do so with caution. Make calculated and wise choices of your calories splurges, or limit the number of splurges e.g. one “cheat” meal a day. Have healthy snacks handy to prevent poor food decisions and steer clear of any street vendors or restaurants not frequented by locals to avoid seriously upset stomachs, no matter how tempted we are to try the unusual and exotic local fare.

Dehydration is also something that you need to be aware of, so seek out drinkable water as soon as you arrive. Remember, if you start to feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated. Drink small amounts of water at regular intervals even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Packing Health Essentials

No seasoned traveller would be without some health essentials on any trip. The LeanPac®team conducted a survey, asking a small sample population of frequent travellers and found out that the five key common travel ailments include: mosquito bites, tummy upsets, dehydration, sun burn, stress. So make sure that you pick up good quality mosquito repellent, tablets for stomach upsets and high factor sunscreen along with after-sun before you reach your destination. Keep in mind that you might not be able to get your usual medicines such as branded aspirin or paracetamol so buy before you fly, if necessary.

As for stress, remember that planning comes a long way as oppose to the romantic idea of “winging it” and also, you’re on holiday so don’t take on more than you can manage just to tick-off some boxes.


You want to make the most of your adventure and experience everything that your latest destination has to offer – but you’ll put yourself at risk of burn out if you don’t get enough rest.

Jet lag and the fatigue caused by being out and about more than normal, or by hot and humid weather can have serious detrimental effect on your body and mind. Try not to rise extra early or sleep extra late, more than two days in a row, in order to squeeze in more activities.

Where there is midday heat, do as the locals do and take an afternoon siesta. Give yourself a break between physical activities and make sure that you get enough sleep on your travels. This will ensure you’re fully awake, alert and able to really enjoy any new experiences to the full.

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