Top Tips To Make Travelling Happen

Planning And Committing To Travelling

For every reason for wanting to travel, you can bet that there are an equal amount of excuses why we just can’t make our travel dreams happen right now.

For the LeanPac®team members, travelling is a part of our lives, NOT a break from life. It is a necessity to our well-being and is indispensible when trying to achieve a good quality of life. And even for us, from work and family commitments to not enough money in the travel fund, we will always have some excuse.

However, with deeper pondering and discussions, it is our consensus that the true underlying reason is the human nature of being too afraid to commit. For all the lamenting of “needing a break”, we are just comfortable going about our daily routine. It’s comforting and we derive micro-moments of joy just checking out flights and hotels and then not following through.

If you’re serious about breaking away from the daily grind and escaping on an adventure, then you need to read on to discover how to make travel happen and often!

Just Do It! – Make Time, Not Find Time

We all lead crazy, busy lives – but that shouldn’t stop us from travelling. Leaving your travel plans to a time when you have a big gap in your diary will ensure that you never make it, so you need to make time for your getaway.

Choose a date (see below tips first) in the next 12 to 18 months and book the time off work as this is the only way you’ll commit to making your travel dreams a reality.

Be (Reasonably) Open to Destinations, Durations and Dates

There’s nothing more disappointing than discovering that the destination on top of your bucket list is out of reach because of cost, so be open to destinations and let your budget and “time of travel” restrictions decide where and how long.

There are plenty of websites where you can browse travel destinations according to budget, so keep an open mind and see how far your money can take you. Google Flights has an “Explore Map” function where you can type in the dates of departure and it gives you flight prices for destinations around the word. Be adventurous, explore and choose whichever is within your budget! Or, if you use the “Flight Search” function, type in your destination and preferred time of travel and let flight prices dictate your departure and durations.

Start Planning Now

Its never too soon to start making travel plans, so once you’ve chosen your dates and got the time off work its time to put your money where your mouth is and start booking flights! It will be ALRIGHT! Once you purchase the ticket, it’s no going back. Lock yourself into a trip!

Once your flights are booked you’ve made a financial commitment to travelling and are far more likely to see your plans through and as accommodation and experiences can be booked later, you’ve got more time to save money if your flights are already covered. Bear in mind that the earlier you plan, the more time you have to shop around for the best value of everything for your trip.

Mini Adventures – You Don’t Need To Go Far To Travel

There are 52 weekends in a year and if you look back at the number of weekends wasted doing “nothing much”, then the excuse of “no time” is no longer valid. And if you think about the number of times you splurge £50 – £100 on a night out or buying a gadget you don’t need, that’s easily a budget flight, fuel for a car journey or a train ticket somewhere.

Many people think that you need to fly to travel, but what about mini adventures? There are plenty of day trip gems to discover right at your very own doorstep. Consider travelling within 2 hours from home. Check out food and family festivals, concerts and events for the year. Chart all potential adventures you can have within a radius and pen them in the diary. Mini adventures can make you feel like a million miles away from home on a holiday, even if you are just a couple of hours away.

A Travel Challenge

How about challenging yourselves and the family to travelling more? How about a mini-adventure per month every other month for a year? A weekend trip every quarter, maybe? A long extended trip within the next year?! The gauntlet is yours! Make travelling happen!