Tips For A New Keep-Fit Routine While Travelling.

A Range of Activities To Choose From That You Can Easily Stick To

We encourage sticking to your usual routine of working out as best possible but what are the chances of that happening when it is hard enough while at home? Try coming up with a new but more flexible routine more adapted to your travelling circumstances.

Before you start, promise yourself not to miss “being active” more than 2 days in a row.

Here is a range of pick and mix activities to choose from and make sure you get one proper workout or tick 3 of the activities in a day.

  • Bring your own exercise mat or use the hotel’s gym, do a proper full workout routine e.g. strength training, jogging, follow a workout pass on YouTube etc.
  • Plan and build-in a workout into the day’s activity e.g.:
    • An active tour e.g. hiking, walking, cycling, canoeing, golfing,
    • Dancing – at a nightclub or line dancing at a country western bar etc.
    • Grab a city bike and see the sights instead of public transport
    • Plan your route for the day and find sections where you can walk the “blocks” or a picturesque stretch instead of grabbing public transport
  • Pick a day when you know you are going urban, every time you come across a lift or escalator, go for the stairs. If you have to take the escalator, walk it instead of standing still.
  • Find a supermarket within an acceptable distance to walk to (10 – 15mins to AND fro?), and go there for your shopping throughout the duration of your trip, even if there are nearer ones.
  • Before hitting the shower and getting ready for the night out, turn on some music and dance vigorously for 10 min to some serious tunes
  • Choose a suitable moment (daily) to jog on the spot for 10 min e.g. while catching up on the daily news on the hotel TV.
  • Do a 10 min stint on any public workout equipment in parks or at the beach
  • Swim 10 mins of “lengths” in an available pool or hang on to the ledge and do leg kicks