Things To Do When It Rains On Your Vacation

No Amount of Rain Will Get Us Down When On Vacation

We can plan our vacations down to the very last detail, but sadly one thing that we can never predict is the weather – regardless of the destination and length of the journey to get there.

A little rain shouldn’t spoil your fun though; there are still plenty of things you can do when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Here’s a few easy ways to stay entertained on a rainy day while also making the most of your time away:

A Foodie Feast

One of the best things about jetting off somewhere new is the unusual and exotic cuisines available. Visiting the biggest supermarket you can find will keep you occupied for hours exploring and investigating local ingredients, dishes and drinks. Why not conduct your own food and wine tasting?

If you’re travelling with family and have self-catering accommodation, you can create your very own foodie feast to try out some of the local delicacies without having to pay hefty restaurant prices.

Simply head to the local supermarket and fill your trolley with tasty treats you won’t get at home and prepare them back at your apartment for a family meal with a difference! Don’t forget to pop a few bottles of the local vino into your basket for the adults.

Go Old-School

The art of postcard writing is something many of us haven’t enjoyed for a long time, but it’s the perfect way to pass an hour or two while you’re waiting for the clouds to clear.

Pop to the local shop and pick up a few postcards and pens so you can send a little something to the folks back home. It is a bit old fashion and they will feel the love emanating from the postcard. It means you’ve taken the time to write, get a stamp and post it. They will surely appreciate the quaint gesture. It is arguably a far more memorable way of keeping in touch.

Go To The Local Cinema

Who doesn’t enjoy a movie on a drizzly day? Many cinemas abroad show a great selection of films in English or have English subtitles, so if it’s raining the cinema is the perfect place to kick back for a few hours and take in one of the latest releases.

Take the opportunity to grab and try some local snacks (or popcorn) and relax.

A Leisurely Lunch

Normal lunch breaks usually consist of a pre-packed sandwich at our desks, so when we’re on holiday we deserve something a little more leisurely – especially if the weather is a bit gloomy.

Most fine-dining restaurants offer great deals at lunch-time so you can enjoy fantastic food and wines at great prices. Why not grab an umbrella and go for a little stroll to see what tickles your taste buds? This can be the best opportunity to pamper yourself and have a naughty longest and most leisurely lunch ever!

Enjoy Your Accommodation

From huge beds, jacuzzi baths and even gyms or saunas, many hotels have excellent facilities that are ideal for wet weather. You’ve paid to use these facilities, so it makes sense to indulge if the weather is less than inviting outside. Book a spa, get a massage or exfoliate away.

If doing self-catering or staying in private accommodation, why not create your own spa day. Have a bubble bath and/or deep condition your hair.

If self-pampering is not your cup of tea, why not organise your own film festival? Get cosy and blast through a list of films or box sets that’s been on the to-watch list.

And if, lazing around watching movies is not your thing, why not put that kitchen to good use. Bake a cake, try a local recipe or try your hand on mixology.