The Science Behind the HangPac Design – the “all-situation” Toiletry Bag

What to look for when buying the perfect toiletry bag?

These are some practical issues and problems that market research and the LeanPac® team encountered traveling, when buying and using toiletry bags. They have helped us tremendously when producing HangPac, an all situation toiletry bag to accommodate.

If you have encountered more than 50% of the issues listed below, then HangPac is the toiletry bag for you. Have you encountered any other issues not listed below? Do you have any suggestions to make HangPac a better product? In line with our continuous improvement company ethos and our strive for a better quality of life when traveling, please take the time to let us know if there is anything else we can do to improve the product. Any improvements that save time and effort, even if it is a 1 second saving will be greatly welcomed.

  • Is there enough space to keep the toiletry bag in the bathroom?
  • Is there enough bathroom counter space for all the toiletries?
  • Will wet countertops ruin the bag or contents?
  • Is there a need to sprawl out toiletries all over due to the lack of space?
  • Is there a need to tidy up occasionally when the sprawl gets too much or when the situation gets too embarrassing for housekeeping or hosts to witness?
  • Is there a need to unpack and repack your toiletry bag(s)?
  • Toiletry bag design does not enable the collation of all relevant toiletries to be kept in the same bag or toiletry bag compartment.
  • Toiletry bag compartments are not tall enough to contain a standing full size container.
  • Tight or too small compartments, splitting seams of lining or pockets due to frequent use.
  • Depth of the bag do not allow maximum use of space.
  • Digging into the toiletry bag to look for what you need.
  • Too many and not the right sized compartments and pockets plus you are not able to see all that is in the bag. This means you may accidentally duplicate or bring unnecessary items making it messier and bulkier.
  • No need for a large toiletry bag, just a small one. Need to double-up as a toiletry slash organiser cube.
  • Hanger not large enough to hook on the usual bath rod or towel hooks.
  • If the hanger is not large enough, there’s no chance of using other more unusual hooking opportunities when no traditional ones are available or fit, e.g. door handles, top door rail, towel heater pipes etc.
  • Heavy “main” compartment bags hangs sloppily with bigger and heavier items sliding to the front and threatening to fall out.
  • Risk of leakage in transit.

Whether the HangPac is for you or not, check out our blog on leaning your toiletry bag