The Comprehensive Travel Document & Information Checklist

Checklist to Help Collate Your Important Travel Documents And Necessary Travel Information

Travel documents used to be defined as identity documents issued by official bodies to facilitate travelling between borders and boundaries, like passports and visas. Nowadays, when we prepare and collate important travel documents, it has become so much more encompassing and includes all sorts of necessary information and data to enable smoother travels. And we know smoother travels means enhanced travel experience. Ultimately it is up to us how smooth our travels can be and working from a standard checklist ensures that.

So, here is a comprehensive list, the lean team have collated, to cover all possible items that even the most anal types will envy. Use it as a master list and extract all relevant items to suit your current travels, knowing that you are a step toward smoother travels!

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Travel Documents & Information Checklist
  • VALID Passport & visa(s)
  • Hard copies/ or photo of passport and visa(s)
  • (International) Driver’s license and photocopy
  • E-tickets or paper copies of your tickets (plane, train, bus, etc.) Most of the countries require an outbound ticket [flight, train or bus] booked, some Customs Control do ask for it
  • Car rental confirmations
  • Hotel reservations & details – you can manage your hotel booking on mobiles app, but be aware that customs might not accept it
  • Pre-booked activities – make sure you bring details and confirmation of these.
  • A copy of your itinerary – note any specific places and activities so you can find them easily once you arrive.
  • EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or any other health card
  • Medical prescriptions with a doctor’s note for emergencies
  • Immunisation Record/Card
  • Insurance information – A copy of your travel insurance description of coverage,
  • Currencies
  • Traveller’s cheques plus a copy of your check register
  • Travel Credit & cash cards
  • Contact info for credit card companies in cash of loss or theft. You will need card numbers at hand to report it.
  • Membership & discount cards (AAA, frequent flier)
  • Up-to-date addresses & contacts
  • Maps of your driving route
  • Guidebooks/Magazines (hard or soft copy)
  • Downloads – all non-internet connection required info & entertainment like maps, music, games, movies, photos etc., directly to your mobile for anytime access
  • Any school or other work materials
  • Business cards
  • Pen, paper, journal