The Comprehensive Pre-Travel Checklist

60 Points Checklist Before You Head For The Airport

At LeanPac®, we are all about prep, prep, prep! What’s more important than a travel-packing checklist? A pre-travel checklist! Nothing is more important to achieve a drama-less and smooth trip than good foundation processes to start things right!

Its never too soon to start making travel plans, so once you’ve chosen your dates and got the time off work its time to put your money where your mouth is and start booking flights! Once you’ve made the purchase, you can start deriving micro-moments of joy from the trip planning!

The lean team have got together and come up with an ultimate pre-travel checklist of EVERYTHING we can think of so that you don’t have to. Just run through the list to pick and choose your basics and use that as a foundation checklist to add-to as and when required. Tailor it! But not from scratch!

We suggest spreading out the activities so as not to overload yourself. Earlier investigations and actions are recommended to give yourself time if you need to e.g. apply for international driving license or wait for a prescription to be filled.

Click here to download the list to work from!

Months Ahead
  • Check if visas are required, apply immediately if necessary
  • Check passports/visas are valid, renew immediately where required
  • Check travel warnings for any thing you should be aware of when planning activities
  • If driving, check whether an international driving license is required
  • Get up to date with all medical requirements, vaccinations & refill prescriptions
2-4 Weeks Pre-Travel
  • Read up on travel destinations & start a travel calendar of activities
  • Make key reservations/bookings well in advance, especially during peak season, for accommodations, car hire and any other “must-dos” like restaurants, major sights, and local guides etc.
  • Investigate & buy travel insurance
  • Investigate best payment method & currencies rate and whom to buy from
  • Confirm& check all fine prints of all hotel reservations
  • Confirm all is in order with car hire
  • Confirm all is in order with flights
  • Check the country’s entrance/exit fees and make sure you have cash in hand for that
  • Buy currencies/travellers cheques/cash cards
  • Create or update instructions & info manual for house/pet sitters e.g. plumber contacts details with insurance policy numbers etc.
  • Update packing checklist to suit upcoming travels
  • Arrange for pet relief, house sitter, plant care
  • Arrange for all bills to be paid while you are away
  • Make shopping list where necessary e.g. pet food for when you are away or sun cream for while you are away
  • Consider and coordinate pick up or transportation between destinations and locations e.g. from airport to hotel etc.
  • Check luggage restrictions and fees, where required e.g. golf, diving
  • Book appointment(s) at the salon to get hair/nails/beauty treatment
1 Week Pre-Travel
  • Arrange/book car parking if getting to airport by car
  • Pre-book taxi/transportation to and from airport
  • Start using everything available in your fridge before you leave to avoid waste
  • Stop subscriptions e.g. newspaper, mthly beer club etc.
  • Make a list of valuables that you’re bringing with serial number or/& photos
  • Notify home security system company
  • Notify credit card/banks of travel
  • Check local customs in terms of acceptable/unacceptable dress and activities
  • Check weather forecast to help plan clothes choices and activities
  • Use updated checklist & start packing stuff into your LeanPac®, travel luggage and organiser cubes
1-2 Days To D-Day
  • Make a record of all serial numbers if carrying traveller’s cheques
  • Get hard/soft copies of all important documents
  • Set up “out of office”
  • Check-in flights 24/48hrs in advance or when allowed
  • Print/save boarding pass/e-ticket
  • Download media (e.g. podcasts, music, e-books, articles) in appropriate gadget or duplicates e.g. podcast on both mobile AND laptop (for use when plane lifting off or landing)
  • Make sure all on shopping list are bought
  • Make sure all gadgets are in order and fixed where necessary e.g. recharge all batteries, cables intact etc.
  • Check that all toiletries are in order and replenished
  • Activate your phone’s global capabilities if required and confirm costs of using phone abroad and the terms and conditions
  • Do laundry/dry clean 1-2 days before departure and make sure all that you are bringing with you are clean
  • Record all tv shows
  • Clear answering machines
  • Set-up “out of office” email response
  • Store valuables in safe or hideaways
  • Transition normal wallet to travel wallet or just remove unnecessary stuff & extra credits card from wallet
  • Empty rubbish bin
  • All heaters/air-conditions switched to appropriate… ?
  • All switches that is supposed to be off ARE off
  • Set timer for lights/alarms etc.
  • Unplug electronics where appropriate
  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Instructions manual laid out for house/pet sitters
  • Check gas stoves are off
  • All fridge/freezers are dealt with (fresh food discarded & doors tightly shut)
  • All doors locked (sheds/back door/garden door etc)
  • “Extra” keys are where they should be and relevant persons are informed
  • Passports, tickets, keys…
  • Close doors, doors locked
  • If driving, take note of parking location so you know where to find your car when you return