The Art of Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Pack Smart to Maximise Flexibility & Choices

Heard the term capsule wardrobe before but not sure what it is? Well, if you’re a once-a-year holidaymaker, a frequent flyer, or someone who travels a lot on business it makes no odds – everyone could benefit from having a capsule wardrobe in your travel bag luggage.

This is very conducive to the LeanPac® way of modular packing.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is one that consists of a selection of versatile clothing staples, which are pretty much timeless but can be updated with contemporary accessories and other pieces of clothing.

It’s a minimalist approach not just to packing for holidays, but one that can also be used for your wardrobe at home too.

The phrase ‘capsule wardrobe’ first came in to being in the 1970s, having been used by Suzie Faux, the owner of London boutique Wardrobe.

Benefits of a capsule wardrobe

The whole point of having a basic and minimalist wardrobe is not to limit your dressing choices but rather maximise them. How? Well, it’s simple really. For starters you’ll be able to tell what’sin your wardrobe! The same applies to your holiday suitcase, collapsible travel backpack – or whatever you choose to take.

How to create that holiday capsule wardrobe
  • Stick to the same colour scheme. That way different pieces will match well and you’ll look as if you’ve really thought about what to put on (you have – but it was weeks before the holiday!).
  • Get the correct staples. These tend to comprise of a basic tee shirt, good quality pair of jeans, skirt, flat shoes and a dress (if female) which is decent for brunch yet dressy enough to be worn in the evening too – something along the lines of a little black dress perhaps? Gym gear (if you’re so inclined) would be good to include in your LeanPac® travel bag organiser too.
  • Pack light. This means wearing the heaviest items in your luggage on the flight, boat trip, bus etc. If it’s too warm, simply remove and carry them. The idea is to have your travel bag luggage as light as possible.
  • Plan your look. Put all your clothes onto the bed and then pick and choose what you’ll wear each day of your holiday. It may seem a bit anal but you’ll love yourself for it when you see how lean looking and light that folding travel backpack of yours is.
  • If in doubt, leave it out. Not sure whether or not you should take something? Then you shouldn’t.You’re going to feel the same ambivalent way about it on holiday and chances are you’ll put it aside for something you feel more confident about. In other words, it’ll be a waste of time taking it.

If you’re planning on opting for a capsule wardrobe for your next holiday then you’ll want a lightweight, versatile bag to go with it. And that’s where our JamPac® comes in. This collapsible textile hand luggage has multiple openings for easy retrieval and comes with a separate storage pouch. There are also three dividers to keep items separate and minimise time wasting. The bag’s soft body can also be expanded if you need more room. See more on JamPac® the today.