“My daughter is definitely packing her JamPac® for home reluctantly. At least there's loads of room to pack all her new clothes and toys that her holiday money went on. The bag actually encourages you to pack in a different way to ordinary suitcases using modular method, which has been a REVELATION for me and allowed me to fit so much into this cabin-sized bag. You can get so much into them that my husband didn't think the airline company would accept them as cabin bags (spoiler alert: they totally did) “ – Laura Gibson, Basildon


“Have to say, it's day 3 of my charity cycle from Vienna to Prague and my LeanPac® bag is getting lots of positive attention from other riders and crew. Perfect shape, easily manageable for transits and fits a huge amount of 'stuff' in. I can honestly say it's a travellers perfect companion, I LOVE IT! “ – Paul Callaghan, Dromore

Absolutely delighted and it has exceeded expectations in both quality and versatility.  You guys rock!! I just travelled with it for the first time.  It has solved all of those packing nightmares and I had everything I needed and “then some! TKMaxx wanted £20 for a bog standard grotty wash bag that had only 2 halves. Both of my grown-up children travel a lot and I am thinking of buying them both one as a gift. Just keep doing what you are doing.  I hope it goes from strength-to-strength. You deserve that for such a quality product solving a host of packing issues” – Donna Shenley, Witney

“The bags are exceptionally lightweight and super sturdy. I like being able to mix and match them. At £109 I reckon the LPS1 bundle is extremely good value” – Chris Osburn, London

"It is really useful very light but easy to carry heavy items on it using the attached bunjee chords folds up small as well. Just what I wanted.” - Kindle Customer, AMZ buyer

"Bought this extra large toiletries bag and it is big like it says and I could put everything in it instead of having a separate make-up pouch. This wash bag is better than expected actually and I actually used the suction cups on the mirror many times! A bit more expensive than I will normally pay for but it’s cheaper & better than those in TK Maxx. Highly recommended, very good quality too.” - Sorina12, AMZ buyer

"I searched the net and saw the video on their website first. It looked quite good and I decided to buy it. Quality’s good and feels robust. I was looking for a big hanging toiletries bag and didn’t think about it before, but i did make use of the suction cups which is actually very useful. I bought this for my wife as she’s the one that packs the toiletries for us both. There is a lot of compartments and space. We used it for a week away and it must be really very good because she loves the wash bag and keeps raving about it. She’s going to go for their backpack, which is as good and I have one” - savvytraveller, AMZ buyer