Space Utilisation: What’s It All About?

Travel packing to facilitate intelligent laziness.

You may have heard whisperings of space utilisation and its importance, but how much do you really know about what it is and why it’s important? Did you know it’s one of the top things we look at to gauge the use of space? At LeanPac® we work hard to make intelligent laziness as easy as possible, and space utilisation is a big part of that. Here’s everything you need to know about space utilisation and its place in the world of travel:

What Is Space Utilisation?

Space utilisation looks at how well space is used when packing and unpacking. For example, whereas a lot of products neglect the use of vertical space, those that use space utilisation well do not. Though walls, cupboards and doors are not the most obvious places to store items, space utilisation recognises that these are a great opportunity to use up all of the room that’s available.

At LeanPac® space utilisation is one of the things we look at to gauge how well a product performs in terms of LeanPac-ing and modular packing. It measures how well the product uses up the space it has and how much of the space is used. This applies from the main JamPac® travel backpack, the HangPac toiletry bag to even the organiser cubes OrgPacs. One less obvious example on space utilisation is the OrgPacs. They are semi-rigid so that they hold the frame making it easy when putting things into the bag but at the same time, if not fully packed, it allows the packing cube to collapse making space for other packings in the main luggage.

Another less obvious space utilisation example is the HangPac. Not only is space utilisation theory applied within the bag, the flexible modular design of our HangPac allows a lot of one’s belongings to be consolidated within this extra large toiletry bag conserving space within more modest travel accomodations and bathrooms. Plus, the features to allow hanging, swiveling & suctioning presents opportunities to utilise more varied “unused” vertical spaces like smooth surfaces (mirrors/tiles), window grills, shelves, heater rods, picture frames and other available wall spaces etc.

After all, at LeanPac® we’re big on getting the most out of our luggage and therefore it’s important for us to be efficient in using all of the space that’s available or freeing up space for other necessities, both within and outside the bags.

Why is Space Utilisation Important?

When we travel, we all want to do so with efficiency and minimal effort. Think about it, the less time we take packing and unpacking the more time we can take exploring our new surroundings. This is why space utilisation is important; by using up as much or as little space as possible and using it to our advantage, travelling becomes a whole lot more straightforward. Rather than living out of a suitcase or worrying where items of clothing can be stored, space utilisation aims for there to be space for the individual’s “everything”.

At LeanPac, all of our products and ranges take space utilisation into account. We ensure our products are flexible and “clever” with space utilisation, for your benefit. Browse our collection now or get in touch to find out more.