Solving Common Packing Problems

Packing Too Much Into The Travel Bag Again?

If packing your suitcase ready for a holiday fills you with dread, then it’s highly likely that you suffer from one of the common packing problems we’re going to be discussing in this article.

Read on to discover which of these packing problems is stopping you getting that suitcase ready and a few tips on how to deal with it.

You’re a procrastinator

Hmmm? Will I need that cocktail dress after all? What about that extra shirt? Procrastinating when it comes to packing can mean that the simple task of selecting the appropriate items can take forever, so it’s time to get organised! Throwing an arbitrary list of things you may need into your suitcase does not make for smart or functional packing. Leaving it to the last minute to pack for procrastinators can lead to more “just in case” decisions.

The cure for procrastination is to think ahead and come up with a good plan! Write down what you’ll be doing on your trip each day and decide what you’ll wear or need for that 24-hour period and STICK TO IT! Use a matrix (columns) system to pair activities with outfits and “things”. Our LeanPac® System Combination Bundles can help you set out your clothes for each day so that your mind feels clearer when packing. This also makes it easier to decide what to wear each day when you arrive.

You Don’t Have The Right Stuff

If you’re going hiking in the Himalayas, then high-heeled shoes are not going to be of much use to you. You need to make yourself a list of any essential items that you’re missing, such as clothing, toiletries and medicines and get online or off to the shops now! With the right gear, like ultra lightweight this, foldable that, portable this, mini that or compressible bags like our super sized semi rigid OrgPacs and multi-purpose wet/dry VacPac! Investing in travel specific products can help you can pack lighter but more multifunctional.

You can always set out what you already have on your bedroom floor or bed and then pack modules into your JamPac® Travel Backpack Holdall with Organiser Case once you have everything you need. A holdall case is probably a better luggage idea as you’re bound to have forgotten something on the way to the airport, so it’s easier to open the backpack up and pop in the forgotten item before you check in.

You Lack A Laundry Strategy

If you’re going on an extended adventure, then it can be tempting to stuff as much as you can into your luggage. However, wherever you go in the world you will be able to do some laundry at some point, so don’t overfill your case. Even for the most generous of packing, there is no need for more than 7 days worth of packings in a week. With layering theory, 3 tops for 1 bottom rule and some planning, you will be able to get a week’s work of different outfits each day & night.

Once you’ve work through 7 days of outfits, rinse and repeat! Grab one of the LeanPac® System Combination Bundles, learn to pack modular by activities and days. Quarantine your laundry with VacPac, our wet/dry bag to keep your clean and worn clothes completely separate in your case ready to do some laundry every few days into the trip. As strong proponents of one bag travel, we’d like to mention the fact that doing laundry is cheaper than a check-in bag.

The LeanPac® System, perfect for modular packing

The LeanPac® System, perfect for modular packing