Rolling AND Folding – Packing Tips To Optimise Space & Save Time

Everyone seems to have their own way of packing a suitcase ready for their holiday, but out of rolling or folding clothes, which technique works best? The debate goes on, but whether you roll or fold is not as important as what you take with you. Check out our blog on packing smart. Once you have the ideal holiday wardrobe, the lean team concludes that a combination works best.

Here’s a quick guide on rolling AND folding to help you tailor the optimum packing process best suited to you.


People who roll their clothing when packing are often more concerned about the time they’ll save when they arrive at their destination. Rolling clothes is a great packing method and if you use the correct technique, you won’t need to waste valuable holiday time ironing out any creases from t-shirts, shorts and summers dresses as it does not leave any unsightly folded edges.

However, what rollers gain in time, they lose in terms of space as some claim that you could be losing up to 20% of the available room in your suitcase by using this packing technique. In order to not lose so much space, the rolled items have to be tightly rolled and stay rolled up taut but this can contribute to more wrinkles than anticipated, dependent on fabric. However, rolling does allow you to plug holes in your bag filling up all the gaps if you don’t mind the haphazard and non-systematic way of packing.


If you’re a flying fashionista that wants to take an amazing summer wardrobe on your next adventure, then folding your clothing is definitely the way to go.

This packing technique helps maximise every single inch of space available in your suitcase, especially if you go modular and use our magnificent and large OrgPacs organiser cubes. However, when stuffing your organiser cubes and bringing a lot compresses your clothes anyway and you might find that you’ll need to ask your hotel for an iron to get rid of any creases before you wear anything.

Roller or Folder? Does It Really Matter?

To roll or to fold is dependent on quite a few variables and after many trials and debate, the lean team have concluded that neither provide more or less space or end up more or less wrinkled.

You will find that for every trial packing of rolling or folding, everything will always fit in the bag but they will provide different areas of space for your other stuff. Folding uses space upwards, giving you more space around it. Rolling uses more outwards space as you need them stacked next to each other, giving you more space upwards.

As advocates of modular packing, this won’t matter, as space utilisation is limited to and by your packing cubes.

How creased your clothes get depends on how careful and the techniques you use to both roll or fold your clothes. Even when using the best techniques, it still boils down to fabric. Lighter materials like silk is not as conducive to rolling and heavier fabrics can both be rolled or folded without creasing. “Ironing required” fabrics like linen will need ironing on arrival whether folded or rolled.

It is becoming more apparent that folders and rollers are created from experience and habit of what packing method suits them best. And while the debate continues, the lean team will carry on modular packing adopting a roller-folder combi packing style dependent on fabrics and situations.