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More reasons for travelling with one travel bag.
In addition to the usual suspect reasons to travel with one bag, the lean team came across a few more less commonly cited reasons compiled during their travels and will like to share them with you.
If you were not convinced before, you may be now!
  • Boutique accommodations with no elevators or lifts
  • Less anxiety by not being separated from your things, which you have to with check-in bags.
  • Travel credibility. 1 bag travel is not for everyone. It’s an artform & needs high level of planning and organisation!
  • Extra space utilization in transport, hotel rooms etc
  • Extra luggage limits ability to hire the smallest car or take public transport
  • Avoid standing out as a tourist with a check-in bag in-tow
  • Bigger bags means bringing more and more time spent packing
  • No extra bags to lug around when waiting to until 14.00hrs to check-in to your hotel. Not all hotels let you leave your luggage with them while you traipse around town to while away some time
  • Altruistically – more bags means heavier and more fuel use by airplanes, increasing our carbon footprint
  • An extra hinder during flight connections of needing to re-checkin, especially if time in-between flights are tight
  • It forces you to prioritise and choose. Laptop AND tablet AND iPhone? Really?
  • More bags, mean more to look after and more vulnerable to misdeeds
  • If using a backpack, good strength and core training
More common reasons for traveling with one bag:
  • Avoid check-in baggage fees
  • Eliminate check-in time
  • No waiting at luggage carousel
  • Potential lost, damaged and mishandled bags
  • Cumbersome with extra bag to deal with and look after
  • Mobility especially when using many modes of transport or long distances between destinations and crowded conditions
  • Security issues with checked-in luggage e.g. theft, TSA approved locks etc.
  • Ergonomics of handling multiple bags
  • Extra trolley and/or porter fees
  • Higher chances of customs bag search on check-in bags
  • Bigger bags induces more shopping
  • Quick to repack and more mobile, especially for short stays between multiple destinations