The HangPac

The HangPac

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Finding the right bag to keep your bathroom essentials neatly organised and easily accessible is never easy. Most bags are too small, don’t have the right sized compartments, and are difficult to hang in all but perfect conditions. However, the HangPac is here to save the day with its amazing design, inspired by lean methodology. We have created a toiletry bag unlike any other and will do everything you need it to and more.

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Hang With Us

One of the most important things with a quality toiletry bag is how versatile it needs to be, as you will have a range of different storage requirements for different types of different trips. Our HangPac is designed with you in mind and can hang out with the best of them. The extra strength suction cups have built-in swivel mechanisms so you can hang it just about anywhere you need to.

Moveable Modulation

Never again will you need to drag your toiletries bag to different places or pack separate bags for separate things. With the HangPac we have covered all of the bases in being modular and moveable. Every one of the pockets is completely removable so you can put them right where they need to be. This is extra handy if you are dealing want to take certain items with you to use after visiting the pool or to bring your sunscreen to the beach. The HangPac comes apart with and fits into your travel plans in just about any way that you can imagine.

More Than Just Basics

When you’re travelling, it’s important that you pack efficiently so that you can find what you need, when you need it. For organisation and convenience on the road, the HangPac is your best friend. There are different sized compartments for your make-up, toiletries, and even electronics and chargers. This is the ultimate lean solution for packing your bathroom and toiletry essentials.

Visit our Adventure Gallery for more lifestyle photos of the HangPac in action.


  • A uniquely sized travel bag designed to enable flexibility of use, doubling up as a toiletry bag and packing organizer bag.

  • The modular packing elements within HangPac enables the traveler to optimize the size of the bag in line with travel duration and needs.

  • Optional pockets available to facilitate all needs.

  • The removable pockets have been designed with toiletry sizes, contents, weights and place of use in mind.

  • Suction cups mean the HangPac can be a hanging toiletry bag, allowing for hanging on walls, mirrors and any smooth surfaces.

  • The swivelling large metal hook enables easy access into the bag from all angles.


    Height : 25cm

    Length: 30 cm

    Width: 17cm

    Volume: 13 liters

    Weight: From 350g of the exterior encasement bag to 600g for the full sized 5 piece bag. (Optional extra detachable pockets will be made available separately)

    Material: Smoky Obsidian Black Textured Tarpaulin

    Shell Type: Soft Textile

    Features: Extra large, heavy load hanging with detachable organizer pockets for flexibility of use

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