One of the handiest things you can have when travelling, moving, or even shopping is a sturdy trolley. A good trolley can ease the burden of heavy bags and packages, so of course, we wanted to improve on it.

The Trollite was engineered with lean principles in mind as it is the lightest travel trolley currently on the market. This means less weight for you to haul around and less stress on your body.

Trollite is designed to be minimalist and highly efficient for anyone travelling, whether for business or pleasure.

Product Data:

Weighs: 0.9kg (more like 0.85g give or take)

Extended Height: 90cm

Width: 25cm

Foot Plate Depth: 35cm (including wheels)

Max load: 18kg

Features: Small, lightweight, foldable, fit for purpose, "does what it says on the tin"

Special Features:

  • Lightest travel trolley currently available on the market.
  • Very nimble and encourages mobility when traveling with a heavy carry-on travel bag.
  • Fit for purpose, no need for more.

The Trollite is an ultra lightweight and foldable trolley weighing less than 900g. The idea of Trollite is to provide a light travel trolley as an additional module for single-bag traveling.

The Trollite is the right size with minimal weight but stable enough to enable and facilitate mobility with a relatively heavy and full carry-on bag in tow. This makes treks between destinations much easier, may it be road or air travel. It will help give your back and shoulders a well-deserved break contributing to less ergonomic waste.

The Trollite is offered as a modular component of the LeanPac® System to perfectly complement the JamPac® travel bag. The elasticated back channel allows travellers to carry the JamPac® as a backpack, with the Trollite in tow.


At LeanPac, we understand that sometimes travel can be draining, both physically and mentally, and we want to ensure that you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and energised. When you are going from airport to airport, terminal to terminal, you want to try to carry as little weight as possible. We made the Trollite the lightest in the industry but still efficient enough to carry your bags without any issues. It is small, lightweight (only 0.85kg!) and foldable, making single bag travelling a breeze. The Trollite is built with the sole purpose of helping you to get to your destination stress and with minimal effort or physical strain from carrying your heavy luggage.


Our LeanPac System is designed to be used seamlessly with the Trollite travel trolley. It is cleverly constructed with efficiency in mind. Applying the lean methodology, this incredibly lightweight and highly functional travel trolley is just one more piece of the LeanPac System that will make your travels easier than ever. Carry the JamPac as a backpack and use the backchannel to tie in our Trollite Travel Trolley. Used together, the Trollite and LeanPac System are exactly what every efficient traveller needs to get from A to B with ease.



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