MOrg – Medium Orgpac


Here at LeanPac, we have thought long and hard about what travellers are looking for when it comes to both luggage and efficiency. It is sometimes difficult to find the space that you need in your bag and to fit your belongings into your luggage in a way that makes them easy to pack, unpack and find when you need them. However, the OrgPac is here to solve those issues! We know that convenient and efficient storage is a must for every traveller. The OrgPac comes in two different sizes, Medium and Slim, to suit your individual needs.

Product Data:

MOrg: 35cm x 20cm x 15cm (10.5 liters)

Weight: 125g

SOrg: 35cm x 10cm x 7.5 (2.6 liters)

Weight: 70g

Material: Semi Rigid Deluxe Mesh

Shell Type: Semi Flexible

Features: Fully meshed all-around, durable and optimally sized and beautiful

Special Features:

  • Easy to see all contents of the bag from all angles.
  • Semi-rigid mesh and piping holds the frame up while packing.
  • Easy access at the top and bottom of the medium OrgPac (MOrg).
  • Practical and durable, but at the same time stylish and luxurious.


One of the main advantages of the OrgPac is that you can quickly locate exactly what you need, when you need it, without having to spend time rooting through your things. This is why we made sure you can see through the entire organiser from every angle. You will never have to waste time digging through an unorganised bag again. With the OrgPac it is as easy as simply looking at your luggage to locate what you need.


With the medium-sized OrgPac, you not only get a room with a view, but you also get front and rear access via zippers. The slim version of our bag features just the front zipper but is sleeker and more streamlined so that it can easily be added to your luggage. Regardless of your model choice, everything is very easy to locate and access before you leave, while you are on the move and at your destination.


We made the OrgPac with a rigid mesh and pipe system to make sure it stands up on its own. This way you can easily pack your OrgPac without the hassle of it collapsing or falling over halfway before you have everything in place. Both sizes are built to the same standards when it comes to standing ability, giving you plenty of flexibility with our rigid designs.




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