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Our LeanPac System is our most comprehensive, complete modular packing solution. Designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind, the LeanPac System gives travellers a way of keeping their belongings accessible and organised for the duration of their trip.

With the Leanpac modular approach to packing, travelling has never been easier. Simply pack each of the smaller modular bags with what you need for your trip and slide them into the JamPac bag. You can bring whichever modules you need for your trip and leave the others behind. At LeanPac, we understand that no two trips are the same and so we have designed the LeanPac System to give unparalleled flexibility for you to pack with ease, no matter where you’re going.

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JamPac® Travel Backpack

Size: 50cm (expandable to 55 cm) x 35 cm x 20cm

HangPac - The "Perfect" Overnight & Toiletry Bag

Size:25cm x 30 cm x 17cm

OrgPacs - MOrg & SOrg Travel Organisers

MOrg Size: 35cm x 20cm x 15cm

SOrg Size: 35cm x 20cm x 15cm

VacPac - A Multi-Purpose Dry or Wet Bag

Size: 35cm x 30cm x 20cm

The LeanPac® System

The System currently consist of the following products:

Farbrics and Trims

  • Black waterproof zippers for all product shell and exteriors
  • Robust seat belt grade webbing in shark grey and chili red with antique gun metal rings & swivel dog-clips
  • Grey nylon zippers with gun metal sliders & pullers for all interior use
  • Black exclusive semi-rigid fine mesh in 0.4mm thickness
  • Smoky Obsidian Black textured thin tarpaulin with medium sheen fabric for all product shell and exteriors

The LeanPac® System promotes modular packing through a range of unisex travelling bags. These packing bags, packing cubes and travel luggage organisers have been specifically designed to help lean and efficient travellers.

The LeanPac System comprises of a number of high-quality, durable and stylish elements:

The LeanPac System can be purchased as a complete packing solution. Alternatively, you can customise your pack depending on your needs and purchase each of the elements separately to create your perfect travel luggage solution.

Minimise stress, maximise efficiency and enjoy every moment of your next trip with the LeanPac System.

The LeanPac® System



Shop our full suite of travel bags and products and watch them in action. Go ahead! You’ll love them all!

Come leanpac-ing with Selma! Thank you for this fantastic video from Selma, a keen LeanPac® advocate. Here, she shows us her choice of LeanPac® combo products and her preferred way of modular packing. Looking good Selma & huge thank you from the leanteam! Check out this video and rush off to get your own!

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