Prepping And Planning to Ease Travel Anxiety

Get Flow In Your Process & Overcome Travel Anxiety

For those that suffer from anxiety, the thought of jumping on a plane to travel to a destination you’ve never been is enough to trigger a full-on panic attack. But even those that do experience anxiety need a well-earned break with the family

Even the most organised and best planner can’t plan for everything that can go wrong on a trip, but being prepared for common problems can be hugely calming for anxious travellers.

Hence give our top tips a try. It will help you relax while travelling and enjoy some R&R during your break.

Prep Work Before You Leave

Itinerary Planning

Plan and get acquainted with your destination with an itinerary. Walk through the process meticulously and make a list of which steps makes you feel insecure and anxious.

For example:

  • Lost luggage – make a list of instructions of what to do in such eventuality and find out beforehand how to get from the arrivals hall to the lost luggage department.
  • Getting from airport to hotel – decide transport mode, pre-arrange it and get route maps and street view images from Google Maps

Check & Packing List Plus Essentials In Your Hand Luggage

The fear of forgetting something can cause huge anxiety even for the calmest, hence, never leave it all to the human brain to remember everything. Create a detailed minute by minute before, during and after check-lists where necessary, taking into consideration of all the eventualities that cross your worried mind. For example, before you close the door and head off to the airport, include common worries like the following last minute checks on your list:

  • Stove & oven are off
  • All doors (garden shed, back door, conservatory) are locked
  • All electric outputs are off
  • No food waste in the house
  • Etc…

Airports can be stressful places, especially for people with anxiety. With thousands of people milling around waiting for their flights, it’s no surprise that you might require a little extra help to get you through the day.

Use our LeanPac® HangPac or OrgPac to group all of your essential items in one place, in your hand luggage, so you’re less likely to think you’ve lost them. You can quickly open it up see immediately that you’ve got everything you need without having to empty the entire contents of your suitcase.

A handkerchief with a few drops of soothing lavender oil can help calm you down in busy situations, while a cup of chamomile tea is great to settle the nerves as you wait to board your flight but try to stay away from coffee as the caffeine will just heighten anxiety.

Tips For The Flight

If the flight itself is the primary concern for your anxiety when going on holiday, there are a few useful techniques you can employ to help keep rising panic at bay. For example:

Distract yourself with books, games, magazines, music, podcasts, photos etc

Visualise the fun you’re going to have at your destination

Acknowledge your symptoms when it starts, telling yourself it will pass and do breathing exercises A small paper bag that can usually be found in the seat pocket of the seat in front of you makes an excellent tool to help regulate your breathing if you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed. Breathing exercises can be used to help calm you down without drawing the attention of others. These can be found online before you leave, so put in a little practice beforehand to find what works best for you.

Once You Arrive

Arriving at a new destination can be stressful for anyone, so your prep work will come into play here. But if you suffer strongly, consider leaving the paperwork to someone else if you are not travelling alone. Having to deal with tickets for transport to get you to your hotel and the jostling to get your luggage from the airport carousels will do little to help your anxiety, so designate these tasks to a friend or family member instead.