Our Pick Of Travel Social Networks… For Over 40’s Travellers

Travel Social Networks That Don’t Irritate the Over 40’s Travellers

Getting away from it all for an escape to a far-flung destination or exploring one of Europe’s most impressive cities is something that travellers of all ages enjoy, but as we get a little older, most of us want to spend less time aimlessly wandering around our destination and more time experiencing everything our latest holiday has to offer.

Social networks are a great way of getting the low-down on the best hotels, restaurants and experiences available. But, in the word of travel marketing and information, there are young travellers and there are mature travellers, almost nothing much for those in between (ok, maybe family travel). Type “travelling” and ”Travellers” and you’ll get the idea that they are 35 years of age and younger, carefree hostel dwellers scraping to travel around the world on a budget. The other spectrum will be “mature” or “senior” travellers, 55 years and above, almost or retired and now have much more time and disposable income to spend. People are much younger at heart nowadays and the recurring word “senior” can be quite off-putting…unless it’s eligibility for a discount.

But what about those that are in between and potentially prone to having certain mindsets and attitudes for travel rather than being in an age group? It can be quite frustrating reading about “cheap (backpacking budget) accommodation” or “treat yourself crazy luxury tour”, when you are actually looking for “best value” something.

So what does the lean team look for on travel websites that is generally appealing to us “in-betweeners” over 40s? Ageless “marketing” is good where forums have a broader audience and not exclusionary. The language is also important where excitement, risks, romantic encounters and freedom are more linked to youths. However, engaging new experiences and widening horizons are something both the young and older can all get excited about. So, here are a few neutral social networks to bookmark for us over 40’s travellers.


An impressive community of online travel lovers located all over the globe, Travellerspoint is a great way to check our blogs, photos, travel guides and even ask destination questions on the website’s live forum.

It takes just five minutes to create an account and then you’ll be able to browse through travel reviews and share your own experiences with others.


Triporama is a great website as it gives you the opportunity to plan your trip and create a trip webpage that you can share with friends and family. This is ideal if you’ll be travelling as part of a group as you can also send out invitations for others to join you as well as discuss places to go and experiences to book before you leave.

There are also plenty of great travel guides left by other users, so make sure you check them out before making any plans.


TripConnect is a networking site for travellers where you connect with others to read and share tips on thousands of popular travel destinations. You can also upload photos, create your own travel guides and chat away with people who’ve either visited your next destination or are planning their trip.


Standing for Where Are You Now, you can create a personal profile and share your own travel experiences with others with WAYN. The website also allows you to find and meet people from anywhere in the world based on your location, so it’s a great tool if you wanted to arrange a meet up during your travels.