Multi-Destination Packing for Pros

How to Pack Like a LeanPac-er When You’re Visiting Multiple Destinations

It’s not unusual these days to visit more than one exotic – or even non-exotic – destination on a long-haul trip. Whether you’re off to Australia to visit an auntie and stopping off in Singapore en-route, or have an overseas business trip to the States and plan on doing a bit of sight-seeing while you’re there, one thing is for sure, you’re going to be doing a lot of packing and unpacking with your trip bags.

Folding clothes for the umpteenth time, rummaging around in your suitcase for lost toiletry items and ending up putting your unwashed clothes beside the fragrant ones, the whole process can become a tad unpleasant after a time.

And that’s why here at LeanPac®we have devised our unique, efficient and modular travel bags system to ensure those irritations are a thing of the past. Certainly, when you’re half way round the world and in a location you’ve never been to before you’ll want to maximise the time you have to go sightseeing, rather than sit in a hotel room wondering where in your so-called travel organisers you’ll find your phone charger this time.

Using our smart modular travel bags like our unique hanging hybrid toiletry overnight bag HangPac, you’ll find not just compartments to keep items separate but compartments you can remove if not needed. Our VacPac can also be decompressed to minimalise its size, while our hybrid folding backpack holdall JamPac® has multiple openings allowing you to access items immediately without having to search through the whole bag.

How to Pack Lean-Style

– In this day and age we have gadgets for just about everything, but no-one wants to go through security having to unpack half their suitcase every time. So, try and centre all your digital needs around just one item; whether that’s your laptop (for work, reading, watching movies, listening to music) or just your smartphone with anything you need already downloaded to it.


– Instead of a selection, just take one of everything – and especially products that double up i.e. if you’re a woman a lip and cheek tint is a good idea or Jojoba oil which can be used as shaving oil, a facewash, moisturiser and a rub for split ends. For more such ideas, check out our Travel Lean & Light blog series on toiletries or general packing tips


– The best way to pack lean and flexible when it comes to your clothing is to buy smart in the first place – or at least choose your clothing cleverly when you buy in the first place. Fewer quality and matching items won’t just last longer and look better, they’ll also help get you into that lean mindset in the first place and which – if you want to feel free and unburdened – should really be an ultimate aiming for your lifestyle (and not just for when you’re packing). For loads of tips on this, check out our Travel Lean & Light blog series on clothes.

To become more of a leanpac-er yourself, why not check out our unisex travel bags? Not only are they practical, they’re also extremely stylish. See for yourself and clinch a deal on our bundles at