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Modular Adventure travel luggage at its best!

Explore the LeanPac® family of products and register to join us and get updates on our travels & adventure! Meanwhile, enjoy our fun gallery of photos and videos of the LeanPac® family in action on a travel adventure! Adventure is what you make it to be!

All photos and videos, other than direct product guides, are shot onsite. Outdoors shots were taken in natural surroundings including Europe, USA, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia. Interior environments - e.g. bathrooms, kitchens and living areas - were shot in public buildings such as hotels, AirBnB rentals, campsites, private rentals and others.

Watch this space! There’s more on the way!

Photo Gallery


Check out the lean team's ingenious ways of using the LeanPac® system! Detachable HangPac toiletry bag pockets for keeping the food, & the waterproof VacPac dry bag to keep lunch cold & any leaks in! Looks like the pockets are getting a good bashing too! Beautiful AND durable 😎! Browse the product line and shop now!

Remember Selma?! A huge LeanPac® advocate and avid leanpac-er. We are always so happy to get her videos and cannot wait to share them with you. Here's Selma showing us how she utilises the HangPac, the bad-ass, hybrid toiletry cum overnight bag. Don't you love it?! Go on! Get it here!

Come leanpac-ing with Selma! Thank you for this fantastic video from Selma, a keen LeanPac® advocate. Here, she shows us her choice of LeanPac® combo products and her preferred way of modular packing. Looking good Selma & huge thank you from the leanteam! Check out this video and rush off to get your own!

Well, somebody really likes our OrgPac! 

El7: Reuse before recycling. Roll & tape up an empty tootpaste tube to the desired size (dependent on trip duration or the "infamous" 100ml allowed maybe?), and fill it up! You got yourself a tailored travel size toothpaste tube. Share your Everyday Lean with us

The VacPac in action again! But, underwater this time! A fun & versatile bag or what?! Keeps water in or out! 

Check out how resourceful the lean team can get with the use of LeanPac® products. The extra large HangPac toiletry bag can be used in many ways including organiser packing cubes, overnight bag and why not a picnic bag? How else can we use the HangPac? Lack of imagination is the only limitations! That's a Challenge!

Shop our full suite of travel bags and products and watch them in action. Go ahead! You'll love them all! 😍 

A dry bag, a wet bag, an organiser bag? Yes, just a useful AND fun bag!

More fun ways to use the VacPac. How else to chill bubblies on a road trip?! 🍾 

One-in-all and all-in-one! The most versatile toiletry bag ever! The extra pockets are a genius and invaluable 😎

The VacPac is invaluable during travels. Always fun finding ways to use it! 🤪 

This gigantic toiletry bag demonstrates good swivel & suction cup action!

Beautiful packing and organiser cubes in 2 large sizes that can contain packings enough for a whole week!

Fun bag in a fun situation caught on fun footage...inevitable with the VacPac 

Modular packing at its best! Most versatile toiletry bag ever....😎