LeanPac-ing, Perfectionism Or On The Verge Of OCD?

Are You The “A” Type Travel Packer?

LeanPac-ing and modular packing are fantastic ways to improve the way in which you pack, both in relation to time and effort. So, we can see how it’s extremely easy to become meticulous about how it’s done. Additionally, we can also see how it’s extremely easy to go overboard and render the whole packing process stressful. However, it needn’t be either.

Are You On The Verge of LeanPac-ing OCD?

Have you ever casually said “I’m so OCD about my packing/wardrobe/kitchen…” and feel kind of proud about it? The process might stress you out but you like it, feeling a sense of achievement or getting a high self esteem from it. We can see how it can be easy to go overboard and become a little bit OCD towards LeanPac-ing and modular packing. However, it’s important to stay focused on the end result.

OCD is an unhealthy obsessive compulsion disorder with habits that have become very time-consuming, causing a person mental or emotional distress. This is clearly an illness and no laughing matter. Perfectionism, on another hand , is something we all like to strive for. However, even with perfectionism, there is a range from healthy to the unhealthy i.e. from being cute and productive to anxiety-ridden and destructive, verging on OCD.

When you’re getting started with LeanPac-ing, it’s important to remember that the entire aim is to keep packing and travelling as simple as possible. Rather than stressing out or worrying, you should enjoy its ease and challenge.

LeanPac-ing has been designed as a way to keep travelling and packing as simply as possible. It is suppose to help set high personal standards and work toward those goals in a pro-active manner, so there’s no point overthinking it to the point of unhealthy perfectionism.

Sure, it can be easy to become very particular about how you pack and what goes where. But, with our LeanPac products, their design makes one instinctively organised without the need to go overboard but still achieve the self-satisfaction feeling . Simply, LeanPac-ing ensures minimal effort and stress packing for where there is organised room for everything and that everything can be found easily.

Does LeanPac-ing Need to Be Stressful?

There’s no reason for LeanPac-ing to be stressful, it’s simply a case of getting to grips with what it entails. LeanPac-ing is all about being able to travel with ‘intelligent laziness’, meaning you’re able to put less effort into finding what you need as you’ve been intelligent with how you’ve packed. Though it can seem stressful or daunting at first, it won’t be long before you find yourself appreciating and understanding how it all works.

LeanPac-ing products have all been designed and produced to reduce the amount of time and effort that’s wasted whilst we’re travelling. So, if anything, it helps to reduce your levels of stress rather than increasing them.

If you’re interested in becoming a LeanPac-er or you’re keen to start LeanPac-ing, we can help. We have a fantastic range of LeanPac products, all of which have been designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of packing. Browse the collection today to find out more.