Lean Thinking Tips to Rock Outfits For Nights-Out Without Overpacking


Dressing up for a special occasion or evening out on the town is part and parcel of any break away, so you want to make sure that you look your very best.

But evening wear or smart clothing can be heavy, bulky and take up a great deal of room in your suitcase, leaving little room for your toiletries and day-to-day outfits.

So, how can you dress up for that special event without having to forfeit other essential items or pay extra for additional luggage?

Here are a few tips to help you rock that suit or dress without the packing headache.

Sophisticated Separates

Dressing up doesn’t have to mean all out suits and floor length gowns, there are some really great separates that you can pack, wear together for that special night out and then reuse later on during the holiday with other pieces of clothing.

For the gents, more formal shirts can be paired with jeans for a smart/casual look and a casual day jacket can look very smart with chinos and pocket-handkerchief. Why not pack something small that gives the impression of formality like a tie, a handsome belt or a waistcoat, which spruces and formal-up any outfit.

For the ladies, accessories work a treat and transform all dull carbon to diamond. Some bling is good, but no need for extravagance or heavy chunky stuff. Elegant, delicate and matching jewellery pieces can “posh-up” the look, as can dainty belts. Why not bring a cross body bag for day use with removable straps and turn it into a clutch for a more formal look? How about, bringing a “branded”, silky or any “expensive looking” shawl/scarf, that can be used in all climates and at the same time perk-up and formalise any casual tank tops but double-up as a sarong at the beach during the day?.

Pack smart, consider colour schemes for mixing and matching purposes and reuse what you’ve got to create formal looks in a jiffy.

Check The Dress Code

If you’re heading off somewhere spectacular and have reservations at a high-end restaurant, it’s a good idea to check the dress code in advance.

Many places insist upon a suit and tie for the men but may not be strict about it. For example, the 3 Michelin star restaurant, Jean-Georges in New York insists on such formal wear on their website and most posts about the restaurant on dress code but when we made a call to enquire, we were told it was not necessary as long as we wore something smart.

However, even if a strict formal attire requirement is enforced, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to pack anything. If you haven’t got a wardrobe filled to the brim with suits and cocktail dresses, then you might want to think about saving yourself some valuable time, packing space and money by getting in touch with clothing hire company or why not a second hand clothes store close to your base.

Clothing hire companies not only have an array of jackets, full suits and other glamourous outfits, but they’ll also deliver your chosen garments in advance for you to try on and take them away afterwards. These services are really common for formal night on cruise ships, so do some research before you leave and save yourself a lot of room in your case.

Outfit Organisation

If you are travelling with that stunning dress or designer suit, you’ll need to make sure that you keep it pristine and safe from other items in your case while you’re travelling.

Delicate materials can snag on high heels and suits can crease easily, so we recommend keeping your day-to-day clothes, shoes and toiletries separate in your case to avoid damaging your evening wear.

Check out our LeanPac®System combination bundles especially our OrgPacs and go wild organising all your items into safe, separate and easy to grab collections once you arrive at your destination thanks to their sturdy see through mesh construction.

Packing using these clever modules means you can arrange everything you need intelligently by occasion or activity and allow for a better use of space in your suitcase. Once you’ve got all of your day-to-day items packed, there’s plenty of room to pop in that suit or dress safely on top in its cover knowing that nothing else is going to escape and damage your special outfit.