Last Minuter Or Over-thinker? What Does Your Packing Style Say About You?

Travel Packing Is Non-Value Adding Time

When it comes to packing your luggage for that much needed holiday or adventure abroad, what and how you pack your valuables actually says a lot about your personality.

So, what does your packing style say about you? Read on to discover how your suitcase can tell people a whole lot more about you than you could possibly imagine…

Last Minute

If you’re anything like the team here at LeanPac®, you don’t really relish the prospect of packing your case for that all-important getaway. In fact, if you are not a LeanPac®-er, you may well be guilty of putting it off until the very last minute, and then run frantically run around the house trying to find what you think you’ll need before ramming as much of it as you possibly can into your suitcase before sitting on it in an attempt to get the thing to close.

And the outcome? A load of creased clothes, leaked toiletries and a pile of stuff that you probably won’t want or need during your trip.

Last minute packers or not, we are all far more interested in researching off the beaten track experiences, the best restaurants and getting excited about our destination to be worried about our packing, but it often comes back to bite us when we finally arrive and are faced with the chaos in our luggage.

The Overthinker

Overthinkers start creating a packing list and worrying about luggage weight limits weeks before the actual trip, which completely takes the shine off the holiday.

Although an overthinker’s case will have everything they could possibly need whilst including just enough of everything to see them through, the travelling light focus often means that they can end up trawling round the shops trying to replenish or replace items during the journey. It also means they won’t have a lot of choice available to them when it comes to picking an outfit.

There is a good chance that overthinkers can spend far too much time and effort on packing their luggage instead of getting into holiday mode and this can actually make the process far more complicated and stressful than it needs to be.

The LeanPac-er

LeanPac-ers are complete pros when it comes to striking a good balance between not enough and too much in their luggage.

They’re prepared for any eventuality without overpacking and still like to have a choice of what to wear, but don’t end up with several unworn outfits or unopened toiletries at the end of the holiday.

You’ll also find that LeanPac-ers are also the fastest at packing and unpacking (not necessary if you use the OrgPacs!) their case at either end because they can easily find what they’re looking for without turning their valuables upside down – so they’re the first at the bar when you arrive at your destination.

The interesting thing about LeanPac-ers is that they don’t seem to be overly organised or concerned about their packing – but you might find this has less to do with their personalities and more about the clever packing bags and lean thinking they use to make their lives far easier.

The LeanPac®System is a range of modular packing bags that make packing a doddle no matter what type of packer you are. Built around helping travellers to be intelligently lazy, LeanPac’s great range of bags makes it easy to access whatever you need and be organised without compromising quality time.

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