Is It Worth Choosing Cheap When You Travel?

Anything In The Guise Of Cost Savings When Travelling?

Who doesn’t love a holiday bargain? Getting a great deal on a getaway means that we’ve got more money to spend on those little treats while we’re there, but there are a few occasions when cheap doesn’t necessarily mean better.

You know the phrase “pennies wise, pound foolish”? It’s when you make decisions that on the face of it feels least expensive but end up costing you more if not in real terms but payment in terms of time, effort and comfort.

Here are a few scenarios when it might be worth paying a little extra to travel:

Late flight times

Most cheap flights have late arrival and departure times that can land you in an unfamiliar place in the middle of the night. Your holiday might not get off to the best start if you’ve got a brood of tired and grumpy children in tow, or the need to spend hours at the airport waiting for public transport to resume or the car rental to open up, losing precious holiday time. Also, you may need to catch up on any sleep you’ve missed once you arrive at your accommodation, so your first day may well be cut even shorter.

Waiting for the shuttle to an off-airport rental car

Your holiday really begins the moment you land, so waiting around for the shuttle to your off-airport rental car can be a huge waste of time eroding any cost savings! To even consider off-airport car rental, you need to at least know how FAR away from the airport (distance-wise) they are and how you might get there. Do not be surprised if you have to make your own way there or wait for a not very frequent shuttle bus and when it arrives, be taking a half hour ride to some out of town industrial area to pick up the car. How about when bus shuttles take people and luggage separately? More time will be wasted waiting and locating your bags even after you’ve got the keys.

Many airport rental companies offer good deals without having to travel far to pick up the car, so you’ll need to weigh up if those few extra pounds saved are worth it for the time you’ll waste.

When you choose cheap & slow over express

Express bus routes, fast trains and ferries may come at premium prices, as they get you to your destination much faster. There is a reason for this and that is the value of your time and more often than not your physical and mental well being too.

It is not uncommon for us to excuse away our cost saving decisions through the romantic notion of leisurely travel and seeing more of the scenery. But when you’re stuck in excruciatingly slow form of transportation, experiencing fatigue and pain from sitting for so long, you will start regretting it. Not forgetting to take into consideration possible annoyances like freezing air-conditioning and loud irritating movies/music playing in the background while you are try to sleep.

In many cases where the slower but cheaper alternatives can eat into your sanity and time away, it may be worth paying a little extra in transport costs.

Stressing over your flight connection

If you’re getting a great deal on flights, but the connection times are tight, then anything you save probably won’t be worth the stress and worry that comes with missed connections.

Starting from your departure towards the airport, every minute of any delayed process from security to boarding to prolonged taxiing of the plane will feel excruciatingly long. Adrenaline levels will start increasing accompanied with raised heartbeat, stressing and worrying about the shrinking 45 minutes available for you to make your connecting flight.

Remember, if you’ve not given yourself enough time to make your connection and it isn’t the airline’s fault, then you won’t be entitled to a refund if you miss your next flight.

Waiting in line to buy a ticket instead of paying the booking fees

No one likes paying booking fees, but no one likes waiting in a long line to purchase tickets either, especially when they’re on holiday!

It is not uncommon to arrive at popular attractions to discover that the line is hours long. You could be wasting precious holiday time waiting in line to buy tickets, so it’s well worth spending a few pounds extra for the ability to get your tickets sent to you via the post or email in advance. How about e.g. Table Mountain, South Africa, where you have to first queue to buy the tickets then head off to another even longer queue for the cable cars!

It is bad enough to have to waste precious time queuing, but to forego the anticipated activity and experience because everything is sold out, which again is not uncommon e.g. no dates within 2 weeks or time slots available for Alcatraz, San Francisco.