How to Pack Smart for a Business Trip

Carry on Luggage, The Only Way To Do It!

Frequent business travellers will be well aware by now how essential it is to pack light.

And that usually means carry-on luggage only. Too much time would be spent hanging around check-in for a large suitcase otherwise – that’s time that could be spent reading several conference papers or catching up with an important client or colleague instead. And that’s before we even venture into the territory of lost luggage!

No, when it comes to efficiency in business travel, the minimalist vibe is the only way to go. So, how do you that best? Here at LeanPac®we have devised our own modular travel system. Our collapsible travel backpack in particular is part of a lightweight carry on luggage system that can tie you over for a whole week easy, with a reasonable number of outfit changes PLUS maybe even a projector thrown in! For quick overnight trips, try our oversized toiletry overnight bag.

Meanwhile, here are a handful of tips here to help your luggage remain lean. See if there’s any you’d add yourself:

Two Suits Only

In the case of business women, substitute the word dress for suit if you prefer. The idea is the same though – travel in one; fold and neatly pack the other in your travel bag organiser. Avoid creases in the packed version by turning it inside out and wrapping it around a tee-shirt or cardigan etc. Remember to pack some casual shoes for walking too.

Stick to One Clothing Colour Only

Nothing wrong with black. It’s smart, hides a multitude of accidental stains better than any other colour and, unlike orange or yellow, it’s a colour suited to the seriousness of business.

Make Sure of Laundry

Provided you have access to laundry facilities you only need to take along a handful of underwear items – saving you lots of space in that travel backpack of yours.

Save Mini Toiletries

You’ll find these in hotels as well as supermarkets these days. And it’s not just toothpaste that comes in cute sizes; mouthwash, moisturisers and contact lense solution does too.

Charge Batteries Beforehand

It’s not always necessary to bring a battery charger in your travel bag – especially if you’re only going away overnight or for the weekend. Some hotels will have a charger you can borrow if the worst happens, but many laptops, cameras and iPods etc can survive for longer than you probably believe.

Here at LeanPac we are frequent travellers ourselves – as well as an expert in smart packing. And it’s because we understand the dilemmas and frustration of frequent travel without clever luggage products that we devised our modular, efficient system.

Offering five different types of products – the JamPac (holdall), HangPac (overnight toiletry bag), VacPac (dry/wet bag), OrgPac (organisers) and Trollite (light trolley) – everything has been devised to make the user a more lean and efficient traveller. Our folding travel backpack, for instance, is ideal cabin luggage. It has multiple openings to make items easier to access, four handles for better carrying and dividers to separate items inside the bag itself.

You can find out more about the JamPac by going to the specific product page on our website at