How To Look And Stay Looking Good While Travelling


Most of us spend a lot of time planning our holiday outfits and accessories, but travelling to our destination can often see us looking dishevelled and less than presentable when we confuse sloppy with comfort.

Regardless if you’re taking a short hop over to mainland Europe or heading to some far-flung tropical paradise, here’s some great tips on how to look good while travelling to bring back some glam to the process.


There is no need to overlook fashion while traveling as it can be just as important remembering to bring sunblock, for some of us. What you choose to wear while traveling should be both stylish AND comfortable.

The outfit you choose to wear should allude confidence at all times. Looking good shouldn’t mean having to wear something uncomfortable for your journey. But comfy should not mean sloppy so say no to sweat pants, unless it can be dressed up. The key to looking great without feeling constricted when travelling is all down to layers and accessories, so choose your outfit carefully before you fly.

Planes can become stuffy after a while, so a wrinkle-free polo shirt with a sweater and comfy long trousers for the gents is ideal as you can lose the top layer easily.

For the ladies, a soft cotton top covered by a lightweight wrap can help keep the chill off, look sophisticated and they’re easy to stow away in your JamPac® backpack holdall for use as a sarong or headscarf once you reach your destination. Alternatively, a comfortable maxi- or loose stretch mini- dress is a good way to look chic and stay comfortable while you fly.

For footwear, there is no excuse to wear flip-flops if you are not near/on a beach or in a public shower. Not only are they sloppy, think about what you’re exposing your feet to when travelling, by air or public transport.

Leave the stilettos for your holiday and opt for something smart and comfortable, may it be flats or wedges, so you won’t need to hobble around the airport. For men, hybrid loafer-brogue type shoes are stylish, lightweight and can dress-up jeans, dress-down tailored trousers and spruce-up shorts. It helps that it can be easily slipped on and off at airport security.

Glam up any travel outfit with good quality accessories such as jewellery, bags and belts. The same goes for gents but why not a handsome cap or layer up with a smart vest or scarf.


Having a haircut just before the trip can keep short hair low maintenance and long hair healthy and strong for the potential change in climate and environment. For any length hairstyles, choose a hair-do that allow full head on headrest comfortable resting, with as little hair products and accessories as possible to prevent deterioration of hairstyle.

For men, shave where appropriate as dry airplane air can cause dryness and itching for stubbles. For women, to avoid those panda eyes caused by mascara, why not treat your self to some pre-travel pampering and try some eyelash extensions? Not only will this give you that wide-eyed look when you land but you won’t need to worry about applying waterproof mascara before hitting the pool! While, we are at it, why not a wax or medium/pedi?

Air travel is notorious for drying out the skin, which can leave us looking less than fresh after a flight. Regardless of gender, keep your skin hydrated by applying moisturiser before leaving the house and keep a small pot handy during the flight. Opt for a unisex moisturiser so you can share during the flight; just make sure you don’t go over the allowed maximum size for hand luggage.

Less is more when it comes to make-up as the muggy conditions in cabins can promote oil production in the skin leaving the complexion feeling a little greasy. A tinted moisturiser is far better than foundation as it allows the skin to breathe and keeps it looking and feeling fresh.

  • Get as much sleep as possible during the plane, train or car ride
  • Keep hydrated at all times
  • Having some healthy snacks at hand to avoid temptations of junk food will make you look and feel better
  • Freshen up with a toothbrush and a small spray of scent before arrival will have you ready for good times ahead