“GlamTrav” – A New Era of Best Value Adventure Travelling

Baby Boomers and GenX Travellers , Listen Up!

When the word adventure travel is mentioned, too many people conjure up images of backpacking on a budget; going on jungle treks, climbing mountains, and staying at hostels while globetrotting around the world. However, LeanPac® having travelled to over 50 countries and over 150 cities, believe that adventure travels do not need to be limited to far flung destinations. Adventures can be had on leisure day-visits, which are vital tourism drivers for many cities and towns.

While “adventures” and globetrotting has long been seen as the past-time of the young and responsibility-free, Mintel Research Consultancy tells us that currently older travellers account for more than half of the UK holiday spending. They are making more day-visits and their trips are getting longer, farther and more activities filled, PLUS they have no need to do it on the cheap!

Yes, we are talking about the baby boomers and Gen Xs for a change! This is very much reflected in LeanPac®’s social media marketing statistics. This is especially true for Facebook, where 70% of our audiences are between 35 – 65 years old, with over 50% of them between 40 – 60 years old! Very cool!

With longer life spans, more spending power, and the ability to not find but MAKE time for what’s important in life, this is where “GlamTrav” comes in.

According to Wikipedia, the word “Glamping” was first coined in 2005 and added officially to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016. It means Glamour Camping, a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

We at LeanPac® would like to be the first ones to coin the word GlamTrav, Glamour Traveling, and give it some definition. There is only so much, the new era of baby boomers and GenX travellers are willing to put up with or sacrifice in comfort, keeping personal affordability in mind.

Most of you will now know that lean means getting more (product, services, experiences) for less (cost, time, effort) and there is nothing a lean traveller like more than best value luxury. Please note, “best value” does not necessary mean cheap or budget, with emphasis on fact that best value is very subjective. Hence, GlamTrav is about doing the research and planning required getting high-end (products & services) for mid/low-end prices, according to individual affordability. A very good example can be found on our blog where we scour the globe to give you the scoop on best value international fine dining where you can get a 3-course TWO Michelin star meal for £40 or a THREE Michelin star meal for £70!

A Saga Holiday Report tells us that we give older travellers less credit then is due when it comes to being tech savvy, as more and more book holidays themselves online. The ABTA 2017 holiday report corroborates this with data to show that over 80% of all travellers make bookings online. With Internet facilitated abundance of offers and bargains at the tips of our fingers, it is making GlamTrav easier to get high-end hotels and restaurants bargains online.

One trick, we at LeanPac®, find invaluable is using websites with filters. This saves a lot of time trawling and allows you to find best value or if not, quickly move on to another site.

For e.g. restaurants. Filter on offers, high-end restaurants and highest ratings. Browse and filter sub-categories, like cuisine and location etc. if necessary. This will help whittling down to get your chosen best value dining experience.

The same goes for hotels. Always filter on 4 & 5 star hotels with high reviews and sort on lowest price first. Scroll down until you reach your “best value” limit, browse to make decisions (include 3 stars if necessary) or move on to another site.

Now that you get the idea of the workings behind GlamTrav, get going and get spoilt affordably. Don’t forget to browse the LeanPac® System of stylish modular adventure luggage to accompany you on your GlamTrav. Our extra large hybrid overnight toiletry bag HangPac, will definite help glam you up!