Get OrgPac-ing And Up Your Game Using Packing Cubes

Stretch Your Imagination and Get More Ways To Use Travel Organisers

Medium OrgPac - MOrg

Medium OrgPac – MOrg

Slim OrgPac - SOrg

Slim OrgPac – SOrg

Who wants to go on holiday only to spend the first hour unpacking a heavy suitcase and sorting out various family members’ clothes, toiletries and other must-have items?

Certainly not the lean team! We at LeanPac® are crazy about our OrgPacs to stay organised and holidays are for spending quality time together soaking up the atmosphere, not feeling like you work in some kind of laundrette or packing line. Actually, unpacking can be part of the fun but that feeling is not mirrored when having to set time aside to pack for the home journey.

Despite best intentions and the conviction to keep luggage bags tidy and organised, without organiser cubes, they inevitably get messed up by wandering pieces of everything during the trip.

Organiser cubes are a fantastic lightweight packing aid that gets you out of that hotel room and into the pool far more quickly than using just your usual suitcase to get those shorts and t-shirts to your destination.

They are designed to help organise the bag, not just for clothes, keeping ALL our packing tidy and facilitating us to see and find what we need immediately…like shelves in a cupboard, or dividers in a drawer.

How we use organiser cubes are only limited by our own imagination. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of these nifty little packing aids.

OrgPac Those Clothings


Organiser cubes are ideal for separating clothes in many ways without having to drag everything out of the suitcase in order to find relevant items. Some packing prompts to get your organisational creativity going include:

  • Pack by weather, keeping cold and warm layers separately. This is perfect for warm days and cold nights. Being able to pick and choose and mix and match from the different cubes will enable quicker and better outfit coordination.

  • Pack by itinerary with outfits needed for each day, so it’s a really simple task to get the kids or yourself ready each morning without having to go through the chaos of finding the right tops or shoes for the days activity

  • Pack by specific activities and bundle up relevant clothing and equipment/accessories e.g. snorkelling, ski-ing, gym, hiking, city trekking etc.

  • Pack by categories e.g.

    • tops/bottoms/under-garments/accessories (belts, ties, scarves, hats, sarongs, sunglasses, umbrella etc)

    • day/night attires ready paired

    • clean/half-used wear-again /laundry

    • Pack by people like his/hers/kids/

Although organiser cubes are lightweight, the medium OrgPac (MOrg) is colossal, despite its name, and can fit a week’s worth of different outfits into just one unit. So if you’re prone to overpacking and bringing items of clothing that you won’t even wear, then use smaller cubes or our slim OrgPac (SOrg) to help forced scale down on unnecessary outfits.

OrgPac-ing by Types

Medium OrgPac (MOrg)


Medium OrgPac (MOrg)

Everyone travels with essential items that don’t seem to have a “home” or fit anywhere, so they’re generally just thrown into the bottom of your suitcase where you’ll spend forever looking for them once you arrive at your accommodation. Things like mobile phone charges, belts, and sunglasses often end up hidden beneath piles of clothes or in wherever looked like an available gap to stuff things in when packing, which you’ve forgotten. This is where organiser cubes come into play to help keep all of these must-have items together so they’re easy to lay your hands on when you need them. Some example of packing by types or groupings to start you off include:

Slim OrgPac (SOrg)


Slim OrgPac (SOrg)

  • Electrical, electronic and tech stuff (flashlights, binoculars, speakers, chargers, cables, extensions, adaptors, mobile holder for hire car, hair tong, shaver etc)

  • Toy cubes for kids, pets, travel games etc.

  • Perishables (teabags, hot sauce, snacks, hardboiled eggs, wine boxes)

  • Extended toiletries (first aid kit, medicines, sun cream, umbrella, sunglasses, clothes lines)

  • Presents/souvenirs – padded with laundry for protection to stop them getting damaged in transit

It is important to stress the importance of the all round see-through mesh of the OrgPacs as being able to see where everything is, eliminates rummaging. It helps with the double access points of the high MOrg for easy access.