Get Modular Packing With Organiser Cubes

An OrgPac for everything and everything in its OrgPac – Comes in Medium (MOrg) and Slim (SOrg)

Benefits of OrgPac-ing

At LeanPac®, we’re champions of streamlined and efficient packing and believe that no traveller or holidaymaker should have to compromise on their creature comforts when on holiday or pay more for their airline luggage than absolutely necessary. That’s why we wanted to tell you about some of the benefits you’ll get when using our modular packing cubes and how it can make your packing process easier before you jet off.

Ever returned from a holiday only to discover that you’ve only actually worn a fraction of the clothing and accessories that you took away with you? A vast percentage of the UK population admits to taking more clothing and “things” on holiday than they actually need, with some even forking out extortionate fees for excess baggage for things they won’t wear or use!

With modular packing, limits are set and everything has a specific place or compartment. When you pack modularly, you know what and where everything is at all times. All you need to do is put your hand in and grab it!

A Cube By The Day

One of the ways that our modular packing cubes can help reduce the amount of clothing you take on holiday is by using one cube for one days’ worth of garments. Not only does this help focus your attention on what you really need and cut down on unnecessary items, but you can also swap clothing cubes with other members of your party before you leave just in case your suitcase goes missing, so you’ll always have something to wear.

Cubes By Weather

Even the sunniest of destinations can have changeable weather, so you can use modular packing cubes to pack wet weather or sunny day outfits into separate cubes. Keep cold and warm layers separately, which is perfect for warm days and cold nights. In each case, you will know just what to reach for every time. Being able to pick and choose and mix and match from the different cubes will enable quicker and better outfit coordination.

A Cube For Everything

The amount of small items that end up at the bottom of suitcases is amazing, and you’ll often spend precious holiday time rooting trying to track down your device chargers or spare SD cards when you should be relaxing by the pool.

Using a modular packing cube means you can keep all of these essential items together in one place, so you know exactly where to look should you need to charge up your mobile or access any medication that you need to take away with you on holiday.

Why stop going modular at clothes? Modular packing is a concept and why not go modular packing by types or groupings; electronic/cables, perishables (food/snacks), toiletries (first aid kits/sun & sea stuff)?

To find out more about the LeanPac®range of modular products, click here to discover how they can make packing for your next trip simpler and smarter.

Packing Space Optimisation

Want to bring “everything” with you on holiday for all situations? Start by making sure you optimise and utilise all available space in your luggage. Modular packing ensures full space utilisation, reducing less awkward empty spaces and helps you to fit more in.

Our modular cubes aren’t just a lifesaver for planning your packing more efficiently; they also help keep items well contained to reduce creases and damage during transit.