From Holiday Health Tweaks To Making Them Habits At Home

Opportunity To Make Small Health Changes While On Holiday

For some of us, as we age, our clothes start getting tighter and our breath shorter. We all want to be healthier but we are all busy and sometimes it’s just too hard. What better time to break that cycle than on a relaxing holiday. Change starts with making a few tiny tweaks to your regular routine that will help you get the habit of feeling better.

Over indulging in everything your holiday destination has to offer is just part and parcel of having a good time, but instead of starting your holiday with that mindset, why not decide to make a few small tweaks during your holiday that you can make a habit out of when you get home?

Try these few holiday health hacks to not only leave us feeling rested and totally relaxed when we return, but we like them so much that we’re bringing these habits home!

Get Some Well-Deserved R&R

Sleep, rest and more sleep, is what we need! If, like most people, you find yourself working way too many hours and trying to juggle family life at the same time, a holiday is the perfect excuse for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

However, it can be tempting to burn the candle at both ends by staying up late each night and rising early every morning to try and cram in as many activities as you can.

At bedtime, try to give yourself an extra 30 minutes to allow for last minute routines and winding down. Try to stop using mobiles or laptops one full hour before bedtime. Allow yourself to unclutter your mind and relax your body. Prep yourself for a good night’s sleep and you will be more productive at play the next day. Once you’ve get into the routine of doing this each day while on holiday, why not carry on when you get home?

If you cannot find the time to do the above even during your downtime then at least, set aside some time to lounge by the pool or take an eye mask in your carry on luggage so you can try to steal some sleep wherever you may find it.

Keep Hydrated

One of the leading causes of holiday illnesses is dehydration caused by too much sun and alcohol and not enough water. Enjoy those cocktails at the swim up pool, but for every two alcoholic drinks you consume, making sure that you break them up with a glass of water to ensure that you stay fully hydrated.

Staying well hydrated in general helps us feel more energetic and perform better mentally and physically. Chugging down large quantities of liquids when you remember is fine but for that little tweak, sip liquids throughout the day. Drinking slowly and regularly give your body time to absorb the hydration. If water is boring, why not fill a reusable bottle with iced tea or mix some local fruit juice with some sparkling water to make refreshing spritzers. Bring the habit back with you as you may enjoy those spritzers so much that you cannot help but throw some few frozen mixed berries into your water bottle each time when you get home.

You Are What You Eat

No one likes compromising especially while on holiday. Hence the holiday splurge. Splurging usually comes after deprivation or not “treating” ourselves enough. The trick is strategic splurging.

Trying new foods is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of any vacation. Allow yourself a good treat (a meal/a dish/alcohol) a day but be selective and pick something that is unique to that destination/occasion. Stick to a reasonable portion of whatever you choose, and savour every bite.

Try this little tweak on holiday and bring the habit back with you so you never need a full-on splurge on holidays or any other time again.

But for those of us very tempted by those all you can eat breakfast buffets and other treats lurking around every corner, it can be easy to make less than healthy meal choices while away. Too much rich food can upset the stomach, whereas fatty foods and too many carbs can leave you feeling tired and sluggish, so grab a few pieces of fresh fruit from the local supermarket to keep in your room and still aim for your five a day while you’re away.

Get Moving

One easy way to fit in more exercise is with quick bursts of activity. Even super busy beings can find time to fit one or two of these into their day, especially when you are already in a good mood and raring to go.

Remember that we are making small tweaks and not major changes. There are a lot of 5-7 minutes routines on YouTube. Find something suitable for your health level and do it EVERYDAY. Give yourself one or 2 passes depending on the duration of your trip. The lean team find it best and most motivating to do the 5 minutes each morning. This is then done for the day. It also generates happy juices and you get so pleased with yourself every start of the day.

After a few uninterrupted consecutive days, you will feel very reluctant to break that cycle. Bring this habit home with you and you’ve got a great sustainable workout programme to improve on.

For those less disciplined or prefer more leisurely pace, a brisk morning walk along the beach or a visit to your hotel gym before it gets too warm is a great way to start the day and energise yourself before breakfast. Just a twenty-minute exercise session 2-3 times a week can help get the blood pumping and wake those muscle groups up ready for the day ahead, so don’t forget to pack your trainers.