Four Sleep Tips For Overnight Flights

Get Enough Sleep on Flights When Travelling

If your flight means that you’ll be travelling overnight or between different time zones, you’ll want to give your body every opportunity to adjust to any new sleeping patterns, so you arrive feeling refreshed and ready to start your holiday.

But some of the things we do to try and encourage our bodies to get into this pattern can actually make matters worse, so here are a few useful sleep hacks and things to avoid on overnight flights.

Bin The Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are often something travellers turn to to help them sleep, but this chemically induced cocktail can often cause us to feel drowsy and worse for wear when we arrive. Instead, look into some natural sleep remedies and add a few drops of lavender oil to a scarf or handkerchief before you fly as these items are far better at promoting a natural, restful sleep.

Power Napping

Sleeping during flights can be a challenge for even the most seasoned travellers, so don’t get worked up if you’re struggling to get more than a few minutes of shut-eye.

Research has shown that power naps of twenty minutes taken at regular intervals can help refresh the body and mind, so make the most of those airline eye masks every few hours as this will help you arrive at your destination feeling a little more rested.

Take It Easy With The Free Booze

If you’re lucky enough to be flying with an airline that offers complimentary alcoholic drinks during the flight, by all means, if this symbolically gets you into the holiday mood but there can be a real temptation to drink a little too much to help you get to sleep. Not only can drinking too much dehydrate you, but also you could end up landing with a mini hangover, which you may not normally have. This isn’t going to be much fun when you’ve got to navigate your way through an unfamiliar airport.

Instead, watch the amounts you consume and hydrate with copious amounts of water or soft drinks throughout the flight.

Be Careful With Caffeine

Caffeine is great for giving us a little boost when we’re feeling tired, but it can also keep us awake if we overindulge. If you want a warming drink during your flight, chamomile tea is a wonderful way to encourage sleep without being laden with caffeine, so ask the airline staff to pop a tea bag into some boiling water if you want to catch forty winks on your next overnight flight.