Four Packing Hacks For Winter Sun

Pack Expertly Using Layers

We know that when you’re sick to death of frost-bitten fingers and runny noses, then the temptation to jet off for some winter sun and escape the miserable British weather is real!

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off for some R&R, here are some helpful winter sun packing hacks to make your upcoming holiday preparations easier than ever this year. Read on to discover how to be a layer expert and never compromise on what to wear again!

Stash A Scarf

You’ve heard it before and you’ll be hearing it here again. Scarves are great holiday escape staples at any time of the year, but they are especially useful in winter if you choose the right material. Have a dig around your wardrobe and select a lightweight scarf with plenty of material – you can wear it to keep your neck warm on your way to the airport and then repurpose it as a sarong or something to cover your shoulders when you arrive at your warmer holiday destination.

Think Layers – All Over

It may be cold and frosty at home, but some countries are lucky enough to enjoy temperatures in the low twenties during the winter months. But just because it’s lovely and warm during the day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t feel a slight chill after the sun goes down. Tenerife is a very good example. The island can be scorching at 25C in the day and a too cool for t-shirt alone 18C by sunset.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to pack plenty of garments that you can start shedding or layer on as the temperature dictates.

When thinking layers, use the following matrix to help mix & match according to the temperature.

When thinking layers, use the following matrix to help mix & match according to the temperature.

Mix & Match

To stop the temptation to overpack and take a lot of clothing you don’t need, stick to a complementary colour palette (or basic black for bottoms) when it comes to your winter sun wardrobe. This way, you can mix and match garments, as suggested in the matrix plus toggle between day and night wear easily and still avoid taking too many items.

Wear Your Heaviest Items?

Why? OK, maybe for for shoes. Especially for the ladies, if you are subscribing to the layer system, why have heavy items? The heaviest item should be a lighter thin jacket you can roll up and stash in the overhead locker on the plane, which is ideal for winter sun holidays, as are closed toe shoes as they might be just necessary to get you to and fro your home airport.