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Trollite is a foldable, small and light trolley especially sourced for but not limited to the JamPac


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  • Lightest travel trolley currently available on the market.
  • Very nimble and encourages mobility when traveling with a heavy carry-on travel bag.
  • Fit for purpose, no need for more.

The Trollite is an ultra lightweight and foldable trolley weighing less than 900g. The idea of Trollite is to provide a light travel trolley as an additional module for single-bag traveling.

The Trollite is the right size with minimal weight but stable enough to enable and facilitate mobility with a relatively heavy and full carry-on bag in tow. This makes treks between destinations much easier, may it be road or air travel. It will help give your back and shoulders a well-deserved break contributing to less ergonomic waste.

The Trollite is offered as a modular component of the LeanPac® System to perfectly complement the JamPac® travel bag. The elasticated back channel allows travellers to carry the JamPac® as a backpack, with the Trollite in tow.

Weighs: 0.9kg (more like 0.85g give or take)

Extended Height: 90cm

Width: 25cm

Foot Plate Depth: 35cm (including wheels)

Max load: 18kg

Features: Small, lightweight, foldable, fit for purpose, “does what it says on the tin”