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The VacPac is a dry bag equipped with a valve for easy deflation, perfect as a sports or laundry bag


Shop price: £18




  • Exclusive tarpaulin fabric that is ultra thin, soft and flexible.
  • Valve for both inflation and deflation functions.
  • Multi-purpose bag that’s only restricted by your imagination.
  • A fun bag with unique features; a good talking point!

The VacPac is inspired by the dry bags that are indispensable to those who do water sports and go to the beach. The key issue concerning dry bags is that it is difficult to get rid of the air trapped inside when they are closed. This can make it bulky, space consuming and inconvenient when on the move. By applying this issue to the Lean principles, the VacPac quickly evolved.

Though the dry bag is used to keep the contents dry and safe from getting wet, it can do a lot more. Key features of the VacPac include saving space through the vacuum valve function and the isolation of unclean or wet items.


  • As a cooler bag; throw in some ice, sandwiches and drinks and you’ve got yourself a picnic.
  • Housing items not required during a trip, e.g. winter coat, boots etc.
  • As a laundry bag; many people use packing cubes to double up as laundry bags as the material keeps dirty and smelly items separate from clean items.
  • Isolating used and unused items, so that by the end of the trip it’s easy to see what is clean and unworn.
  • Allow you to bring along “luxury” item otherwise too extravagant a use of space, e.g. favourite pillow, UGG boots, cosy blanket etc.
  • As a traditional dry bag. Pack your wallet, phone and change of clothes and bring it on the dive boat, fishing trip or to the beach. Safe in the knowledge that everything will all stay dry and safe.

Height: 35cm

Width: 30cm

Base Depth: 20cm

Volume: 18 litres (top rolled down twice)

Weight: 150g

Material: Exclusive TPU, Ultra Thin Tarpaulin

Shell Type: Ultra Soft & Flexible (Slightly stretchable)

Features: Exclusive, ultra soft and light multi-purpose bag with vacuum function