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Copy of A toiletry bag wth suction cups, swivel hook, detachable pockets that can house toiletries and more


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  • A uniquely sized travel bag designed to enable flexibility of use, doubling up as a toiletry bag and packing organizer bag.
  • The modular packing elements within HangPac enables the traveler to optimize the size of the bag in line with travel duration and needs.
  • Optional pockets available to facilitate all needs.
  • The removable pockets have been designed with toiletry sizes, contents, weights and place of use in mind.
  • Suction cups mean the HangPac can be a hanging toiletry bag, allowing for hanging on walls, mirrors and any smooth surfaces.
  • The swivelling large metal hook enables easy access into the bag from all angles.

    The HangPac has a unique design in flexibility of use, thanks to the detachability and size configuration of the compartments and the elastic bands. It is the ideal travelling bag for overnight carry-on or as a toiletry bag for checking in. It is large enough to hold a number of toiletries without compromising size restrictions. It also works well as a good sized overnight bag with travel bag organiser sections.

    The Lean philosophy has been applied to the HangPac and provides features of a “perfect” toiletry bag.

    Customer feedback and a survey provided a list of things to take into consideration when creating the ‘perfect’ toiletry bag. This included the flexibility to meet changing needs, seems to be the name of the game. This is why the module components and modular packing were taken into account when designing the HangPac.


    Pockets: The HangPac includes a range of compartments, with elastic bands to suit packing and cabin bag needs; this allows for space to be altered depending on what is being packed. The pockets are sized and designed to house other, non-toiletry items when on trips where a large toiletry bag is not necessary.

    abric & Trims: FThe bag is made of high quality water-resistance, medium sheen tarpaulin. It dries fast and is easy to clean. The durable and waterproof fabric, and water resistant zipper, will manage small spills and prevent leakages into outer bags and packing.

    Size: As size is a frustrating point for many, the HangPac has been designed in a way that makes sure it is the ideal hanging toiletry bag. It is a very large and spacious toiletry bag that will satisfy most people’s need. For the hand luggage proponents, the HangPac is flexible to allow for utilising all space.


    One of the first things we do when we arrive at a destination is unpack and the last thing is to repack the toiletry bag. The HangPac is spacious and designed to accommodate this. Items can sit in their “homes” comfortably throughout the duration of the trip. It eliminates the need to unpack completely. As with all LeanPac products, this maintains tidiness and reduces time spent looking for items.

    Height : 25cm

    Length: 30 cm

    Width: 17cm

    Volume: 13 liters

    Weight: From 350g of the exterior encasement bag to 600g for the full sized 5 piece bag. (Optional extra detachable pockets will be made available separately)

    Material: Smoky Obsidian Black Textured Tarpaulin

    Shell Type: Soft Textile

    Features: Extra large, heavy load hanging with detachable organizer pockets for flexibility of use