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OrgPac are organisers in semi-rigid, mesh that comes in 2 sizes and holds it’s shape while packing


Medium OrgPac

Shop Price: £8.50

Slim OrgPac

Shop Price: £7.50




  • Easy to see all contents of the bag from all angles.
  • Semi-rigid mesh and piping holds the frame up while packing.
  • Easy access at the top and bottom of the medium OrgPac (MOrg).
  • Practical and durable, but at the same time stylish and luxurious.

Though we do not need travel organiser bags, they do make travelling a lot simpler and easier. Travel organiser bags and module packers is a must for any lean traveller, especially when it comes to making use of luggage space and using limited unpacking space.

The fine mesh used throughout the OrgPac provides a good view of everything in the bag, making it easy to grab any item quickly. Plus, the semi-rigid mesh eliminates the frequent complaint of slackness of organizers when it is filled.


We have found that the size of a travel packing bag are key, but are very much a personal preference depending on the type of trip and location. So, for the sake of flexibility, many companies have different types and sizes of packing cubes on offer. However, at LeanPac we do things a little differently.

Our own research tells us that many of us end up having one or two favourite travel bag sizes. So, we end up using those and stuff whatever we have in the others just so they get used. This creates waste. This is why, like all LeanPac® products, the OrgPac has been designed with functionality, elimination of wasted time, cost and effort for users in mind.

The OrgPac is ideal for use as a single travel bag or a carry-on cabin bag. Plus, it works well for modular packing and for keeping your belongings tidy and safe.

MOrg: 35cm x 20cm x 15cm (10.5 liters)

Weight: 125g

SOrg: 35cm x 10cm x 7.5 (2.6 liters)

Weight: 70g

Material: Semi Rigid Deluxe Mesh

Shell Type: Semi Flexible

Features: Fully meshed all-around, durable and optimally sized and beautiful