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JamPac textile, collapsible, backpack that comes with a carrier bag that doubles as an organizer


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  • Collapsible textile hand luggage with multiple openings. This ensures objects are easy to retrieve from anywhere in the bag. This feature can be enhanced through LeanPac-ing, also known as modular packing.
  • The bag’s multiple openings, four handles and three dividers have been purposely designed with ease of use and comfort in mind. Combined with LeanPac-ing, the JamPac® is constructed to minimize time wasting.
  • Optional use of the provided dividers, enabling more organised packing. This feature allows users to adopt LeanPac-ing without using external modular packing bags.

    The JamPac® travel bag is a unisex and collapsible textile travel bag. Suitable for all kinds of traveling, but specifically designed to encourage LeanPac-ing and organisation. It is well suited for longer stays or trips where you need to bring “everything” with you. The soft body can be expanded but still meets the baggage dimensions required by most airlines.

    The JamPac® travel bag has three soft adjustable dividers for organisation, this allows you to pack luggage efficiently. Plus, collapsible body and expandable gusset allows you to fit in more than you could in a normal cabin bag. It has a durable and padded front panel with two large compartments for easy access to items on your flight, train, bus or car ride.

    The JamPac® packing bag comes with a carrier pouch. This makes storing the JamPac® very easy. This storage pouch doubles up as an organizer for further modular packing.



    Fabric & Trims: The JamPac®, like all LeanPac® products, is both highly functional and stylish. In this day and age of commercial competitiveness, quality of work is vital plus, the tarpaulin material, zippers, metal D-rings & seat belt webbing have been chosen for their good quality.

    Handles & Straps: The JamPac® travel bag can be used duffel style or as a backpack. With comfortable padding and easy to use swivel clips these sleek looking straps are lightweight and in the colour ‘Smoky Obsidian Black’, with shark grey and chilli red detailing. The four available handles are strategically placed to enable smooth handling from all angles.

    Compartments: The JamPac® has no hidden spaces, which often encourage clutter. The spacious inside has adjustable internal dividers to form different sized compartments for the purpose of keeping your packing segregated and structured. You wouldn’t use a kitchen drawer without dividers, so don’t choose a travel bag without sections.

    Dual Purpose Carrier & Quarantine Pouch: JamPac® is collapsible and folds neatly into a supplied carrier pouch made from the same material. This allows the JamPac® to be stored neatly when not in use. The pouch containing the JamPac® is designed as a complementary module in the LeanPac® product line. When not being used as a carrier for JamPac®, it can be used as a travel bag organizer or a bag for unclean or wet items.

    Size Height: 50cm (expandable to 55 cm)

    Length: 35 cm

    Width: 20cm

    Volume: 35 – 40 liters unstretched

    Weight: 1200g (includes shoulder strap & 3 dividers)

    Material: Smoky Black Obsidian textured tarpaulin

    Shell Type: Padded Soft Textile

    Features: Collapsible textile backpack with detachable dividers in an external carrier pouch