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The Benefits of Modular Packing

If you’re new to modular packing, you might not be aware of just how many impressive benefits it has. Rather than struggling to pack or dealing with hard to find items, a lot of travellers are now embracing modular packing and its many uses.

“Modular - constructed with standardised units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use”

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LeanPac-ing, Perfectionism Or On The Verge Of OCD?

LeanPac-ing and modular packing are fantastic ways to improve the way in which you pack, both in relation to time and effort. So, we can see how it’s extremely easy to become meticulous about how it’s done. Additionally, we can also see how it’s extremely easy to go overboard and render the whole packing process stressful. However, it needn’t be either.

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Travel Lean & Light – Footwear

Should comfort always come before fashion? Yes, it should but not all of us are that sensible all of the time. Here are some tips in trying to achieve the best of both worlds, the best we can.

  • Pack footwear that can be worn with multiple outfits

  • Bring max, 3 pairs of shoes for longer trips. Prioritise!

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Space Utilisation: What's It All About?

You may have heard whisperings of space utilisation and its importance, but how much do you really know about what it is and why it’s important? Did you know it's one of the top things we look at to gauge the use of space? At LeanPac® we work hard to make intelligent laziness as easy as possible, and space utilisation is a big part of that. Here’s everything you need to know about space utilisation and its place in the world of travel:

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Travel Lean & Light - Clothes

Not everyone agrees, “Less is more”. There are some of us who wants to bring as much with us as possible when we travel, so here are some tips compiled by the lean team to give us ideas on how we can pack smarter in order to bring as much or as little as we want but at the same time, not compromise on the “quality of life” on the road.

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The Comprehensive Pre-Travel Checklist

At LeanPac®, we are all about prep, prep, prep! What’s more important than a travel-packing checklist? A pre-travel checklist! Nothing is more important to achieve a drama-less and smooth trip than good foundation processes to start things right!

Its never too soon to start making travel plans, so once you’ve chosen your dates and got the time off work its time to put your money where your mouth is and start booking flights! Once you’ve made the purchase, you can start deriving micro-moments of joy from the trip planning!

The lean team have got together and come up with an ultimate pre-travel checklist of EVERYTHING we can think of so that you don’t have to. Just run through the list to pick and choose your basics and use that as a foundation checklist to add-to as and when required. Tailor it! But not from scratch!

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The Comprehensive Travel Document & Information Checklist

Travel documents used to be defined as identity documents issued by official bodies to facilitate travelling between borders and boundaries, like passports and visas. Nowadays, when we prepare and collate important travel documents, it has become so much more encompassing and includes all sorts of necessary information and data to enable smoother travels. And we know smoother travels means enhanced travel experience. Ultimately it is up to us how smooth our travels can be and working from a standard checklist ensures that. 

So, here is a comprehensive list, the lean team have collated, to cover all possible items that even the most anal types will envy. Use it as a master list and extract all relevant items to suit your current travels, knowing that you are a step toward smoother travels!

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5 Totally Worth The Weight Packable Items For Women 

Members of the lean team are proponents of smart packers and not light packers. No heels, no hair curlers, buy generic shampoo when you get there?! Why? Having saved up and waited long enough for a wonderful trip to come, why would we compromise quality of the experience by having to be without?

On the contrary, sometimes the extra space utility and weight can be worth it. “Necessary” and/or luxury items, when packed and actually used, can make us feel glamorous, indulgent and “vacation-y”. Here are a few suggestions for some weight and space indulgent items we think we should allow ourselves to bring on our next vacation.

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